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Lightheaded and weird tiredness

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    I agree my LCF was at least 2-weeks...and the 1st month I didn't see a lot of weight loss. It was the 2nd month that kicked in the weight loss for me.
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      Ok so today I was onsite so was busy through and through. Woke up at 430a to catch my flight at 6 and didn't get to site until 830ish where I ate breakfast. Surprisingly, yesterday and today, my hunger pangs are not as ravenous and when it is ravenous its for about 1 or 2min then gone. I'm trying to stick to 3 meals and an evening snack to stop / reduce grazing and it's seems to be working, just a much different life style for me.

      I do feel strong. Last night i ripped through crossfit so I think energy is there when I ask for it which completely surprised me last night!

      730a, Breaky: 2 eggs omlete (1/4c red pep adn 1/4c green onion), 4 oz chicken, 2 oz mixed nuts, 1/3c total of mixed rasp blue and black berries 650ish calories, 40g fat, 50-60g prot and the rest in carbs
      1030a Morning snack : 1/2 oz mix nuts - tried to go until lunch but shot a few nuts back
      12pm Lunch: 2c spinach, 3.5 oz chicken, 70g tuna in olive oil (cloverleaf cans), 1 tbsp crushed peacan, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic ving, 3-4 raspberries 650 cals
      530-630 crossfitt: nrg seemed meekish, but was surprised that I ripped through the workout which was a long one called 50-50
      730 dinner: 8oz haddock,1/4 avocado 1c spinach, 1 large portabello mushroom, 1/4c onion, 1 tbsp cold press coconut oil (sautee veggies), top fish with 2 tsp olive oil 550ish cals (I think)
      930 evening snack: 99% lindt chockale 2.5grams (1 sqr), 1 oz pistachios, 1 can tuna in olive oil (cloverleaf see above) 200-300 cals
      Daily overall: ~2300 cals (down from typical 2500-2600) - about 80g carbs daily total, 200g protein, and like 135g fat IIRC

      If you read through all that, wow you do want ot help I'm comitted and we'll see where this goes. My waist size definetly has gone down in short order which is cool! As I say, I just want the dizzy and tiredness and moments of ravenous appetite to go away and life would be golden...I don't care for carbs or sugar at this point (haven't cared for sugar since starting the zone diet tho).

      Thanks all for the comments. I'm on par with needing time to adjust that is obvious but am hopeful still!
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        Well folks, it's been 17 days. I've pushed through until now. I've lost about 5 pounds now, most during the first week. Mostly water I suspect adn I've definetly leaned up. I'm 5'8" and wheigh about 153.5 lbs. I'm interested to see how lean I can get so once 30 days are up i may try this IF busines and carb refeed to see what happens. I don't have headaches like I did during the first 10 days. I'm still grouchy and definetly light headed especially if i've been sitting for a bit and get up quickly sometimes on the verg of blackout! Calories are around 2200 per day (as low as 1800) usually at most where I used to eat 2600. So it's obvious weight would drop, no magic here. And I continue to CF 3 times a week plus easy run adn spins once or twice.

        I don't think I necesairly have more engergy as expected. Energy is def more balanced overall though, no question. And I don't have problems rocking CF but I definetly feel more tired going into workouts than before but somehow manage through them and feel good after.

        I track calories and eat 5-7oz of nuts a day - ha! Only because of work, I don't carry oils and avocado's and I eat mostly lean fish and chicken with occasional red meat, so saturated fat is low (yet still 20-30g per day). Nuts are the only way to get the fat that i desire while keeping protein intake at around 160-170g / day and carbs at 70gish max.

        Anyway, I'm getting use to the feeling, but def doesn't seem natural and the results are good. I wonder what day 30 will be like...and what my cholestoral will show.

        Anyway, I'm still surprised about the extra energy claims this diet makes because I still don't see it, but it's getting, well more bareable?


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          I definitely think you want to shoot for more fat. It will help reduce the urge to snack, for sure. Generally I try to eat more fat than protein. The nuts are great, but they have a lot of omega-6. You seem to be eating plenty of fish to get omega-3 fat though...

          Have you tried adding in more starchy veggies (white potatoes, sweet potatoes, white rice) on workout days? I don't know what the carb refeed is about, but maybe that will help.

          What do you use to track your macros?
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            More fat? Well, i don't actually snack much anymore usually, breaky, lunch, sometimes afternoon snack dinner, evening snack (always). So I guess twice a day snack but no biggy, I just don't like to stuff myself at every meal so sometimes I need to throw something back. Yeah I've thot about some yams for fitness days so that's a good suggestion I think-thanks!

            To track I use myfitnesspal - solid program, definetly no issues. Any you actually realize the true amount of carbs and protein you're eating and I've done plenty of cross checks on line and even in the primal blueprint the numbers he has are bang on - sorry, i'm not plugging the product just validating it's accuracy ;-)

            I think everyday gets ever so slightly better when getting used to this new norm, so I think 30 days should be pretty close to breaking me in...crossing fingers.


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              While I only sometimes had ravenous hunger at the beginning -- sometimes after a dinner of a giant steak and some veggies -- for some reason steak sometimes makes me hungrier after eating that before -- I feel like my hunger is totally under control now. I'm on week 7 now. It seriously took me 6 weeks to get my energy back and I am feeling great now. I'm at full strength again. And I'm loving knowing I can leave the house without bringing along food or money for food.

              I don't understand why you feel that nuts are the only way to get enough fat. Won't you get enough fat if you simply cook your grass-fed steaks in butter, beef fat (I got a lot of useful beef fat when I made bone broth) or coconut oil and then eat the fat on the steak, too? Can't you just add butter or coconut oil to your foods to bump the oil without resorting to nuts. Or what about bacon?

              The only nuts I resort to are brazil nuts for the selenium and since they aren't all that terribly delicious, I don't eat enough of them to even be able to say I eat them.
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                No advice here, but I thought I'd say I am 23 days in and still feel light headed and tired and heavy, so you're not alone. Maybe it just takes longer for some people. I think you're doing better than I am though, so chin up!


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                  sbhikes, thanks for the input. I actually don't enjoy eating animal fat too much. I do cook with coconut oil but I mostly bake food so adding fat/oil after is great but really only convenient for me at dinner as I eat breaky and lunch at work. I simply enjoy nuts too. It's been almost a week since I stopped counting calories so I plan on going one more week no calorie counting which will put me 4 weeks into paleo and I'll re-weigh to see what's happening. Energy does seem to be getting better throughtout the day so I'm positive.

                  I still find the hunger is weird in that sometimes I'll be ravenous and go to eat and well, ok, I guess I'm not that hungry, but then an hour later it's like I could throw back like 10 steaks or something!

                  Northrun do you know how many carbs you eat? I'm curious as I eat about 60-80g and I'm wondering if less than 150g creates this lathargic stupor that we feel sometimes...


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                    Hey, I probably eat between 90-150, probably 120 average. More on workout days less on regular days. I am feeling better than I was, but still when I'm lifting stuff at work all day I'm weaker than I used to be and get tired/lightheaded easier. I think it's getting better though.


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                        well it's been 30 days and yes I feel much better then especially the first couple weeks! wow those were nasty for me. Right now I eat about 70-100g carbs a day but haven't tracked calories for about 1.5 wks now and it's great to not keep that going!

                        Since tracking, I'm probably eating more as I make sure I'm not hungry so maybe take in more calroies...don't know for sure right now. I'll do a calorie check maybe in the next week or two for aobut a week. I gained about 1.5 lbs since I stop tracking, but my weight can flex as much as 5 lbs depending on workouts, water intake, sweat, and etc. So not overly concerned and my waist is unchanged - from what I can tell - ha!

                        I do like the diet, I never crave sugar, like never anymore. I never crave grains either. i do like my nuts so I'm weaning myself off of them, very slowly but honestly it's still about 5 oz/day. I am getting sick of them so I think this will get better.

                        I've been off of diet soda's for 5 days now and feel much better so I hope to keep this up!

                        Northrun, good luck with everything. sometimes I feel drained, but I find that happens later in the week quite consistently. For me I think I slowly loose sleep as the week progresses due to work and I do a decent catchup on the weekends and the week starts out good again. Friday's going into crossfit are a bear but I somehow push through like there's no problem, like I have way more than enough energy.

                        I really enjoy this constant energy throughout the day, very little swings, just constant!

                        I still fear saturated fat from animals, like bacon and burgers-too worried about LDL. But I do constantly cook with coconut oil, so yummy!


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                          Does anyone have any experience with Primal eating and adrenal fatigue? I am in my 3rd week and my energy is very low. Any insights would be very much appreciated!