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Help with IF and carb counting please

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  • Help with IF and carb counting please

    Hi everyone, I am not nearly new BUT I have not started Primal properly but been reading everything and anything on Primal/Paleo and IF. I managed to go 5 days without carbs and felt great, I did find that I was'nt hungry in the mornings. SO, if I'm not hungry is it okay to have my first meal at lunchtime with just a coffee and water after working out? I am going 100% Primal tomorrow. Do I need to count carbs?

    Stats: 1.66m tall
    C/W: 176 lbs
    G/W: 146 lbs

    Need to lose: 30lbs

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    Primal is not a low-carb way of eating. This is a no-grain, no-sugar way of eating. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!

    All you need to worry about for the first few weeks is eating Primal foods. Eat as much of them as you want. Again, no grains, no sugar- start with vegetables, add some meat and spices. Don't go overboard on nuts or fruit.

    After a few weeks your body will be adjusted to the lack of sugar and grains and you can start thinking about making other tweaks.


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      Thank you fo taking time to reply. I am primal as of tomorrow