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    In spite of being a newcomer in forum terms, i'm already a follower of the Paleo/primal patterns and lifestyle for about 5months. I've read the Primal Blueprint, after beeing in a Paleo regime for experiment. I simply find the primal community and templates much more appealing, reasonable and practical then the paleo ones, no hard-feelings i hope.

    Coming from a natural bodybuilidng background, i was already in a more natural way of eating for about 2 years, gradually drecreasing processed food of any kind. Started by excluding simple sugars in any form(i literaly do not consume sodas for 3 years straight), then the dely stuff, then excluded milk(yea almost 1 year), then the bread and yoghurt, all before PB readings.

    I'm now following an High Fat/ High protein diet, with primal carb-ups as needed, since i'm pursuinng lean muscle gaining and engaged in strenght training with the big lifts: deadlift, squat, bench press, dips, pull/chin ups, standing overhead press( Grok must have done it quite ussualy, dont you agree').

    As far as overall fitness, im no runner. I hated running my entire life, and the treadmill was mu archi-enemy. My irregular cardio workouts consists on walking breafly (5km's, 3miles), warm up cycling to get the blood pumping pre-workout, and some isometric Tabatas every now and then, or a beach HIIt spinting routine whe the sun shines.

    I'm so glad to be a part of this community and i'm here to share.

    is not life all about it-share?