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    Hi all!

    I hope this finds everyone doing well. I've been reading on these forums for the last two weeks or so and thought I would finally register and post a bit about myself.

    Two yrs ago my mom passed of a massive heart attack (not her first cardia episode) at the age of 59. I had to make the agonizing decision to remove her from life support and decided then not to force those same decisions on my own kids if I could help it so I began to change some of my bad habits. I gave up artificial sweeteners and due to it causing an irregular heartbeat, I also gave up caffeine. To force myself to eat more fruits and veggies I decided to go meat free for 90 days. That was two years ago. Within that 90 day period my intestinal issues and constant heartburn both vanished so I decided not to go back to eating meat.

    Problem I am finding now though is that I feel metally sluggish and fatigued on pretty much a daily basis as well as having fairly significant issues with joint aches and pains. I am only 38!! I don't want to feel like this. I am pretty active, go to the gym 3 times a week, walk the dog, keep up with the kids etc, but would definitely love to lose 20 lbs and give my achy knees a bit of a break. I have decided to add fish back into my diet as I think maybe I need more protein. I also eat eggs and dairy. I have also begun taking a liquid B suppliment.

    I know the issue lies in how I feed my body so to contiue doing what is obviously not working would be insane, but all the info out there is so darned confusing! I was raised on the low fat, high fiber train of thought. After reading here and researching all over the web, I am really starting to reconsider those notions.

    To start I have decided to go grain free for 30 days and see how I feel. I tend to look at these personal challenges as a way to learn more about myself and an exciting new venture into finding new recipes and such, but I am a little unsure of how to start. It seems wheat and corn are everywhere.

    I'm sure that I will be around asking many questions as time goes on and I continue with this journey of improving my health, but wanted to say thanks you in advance for an and all advice you might have.

    Went grain free Oct 2011 and now Feb 2012, going for Primal.
    SW: 151 CW: 144

    2-14-12, Pull up challenge sign up!
    2-16-12, Slow Movement challenge begins! 5.7mi/9.17km

    "For every journey that passes, something beautiful remains."

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    Wheat and corn *are* everywhere. The first logical step is to just stop eating it in the places where you know it's front and centre - bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, muffins... Anything that you know to be flour-based? Stop eating those foods. There's your first step. It seems hard but we've all done it and lived to tell the tale - plus it gets incredibly easy once you get over the hump of your grain detox.


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      HI Cali - My husband and I decided to try the primal eating thing for 30 days to see how we felt and if we could maintain it as a lifestyle. It hasn't been very hard but like you at first I thought - geez, grains are EVERYWHERE! It takes a little thinking outside the box but once you start doing it, it is easier.

      I bought the Primal Blueprint book and a Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook... it helped give me an idea where to start and how. Breakfast was hardest since I was used to coffee and toast w/ peanut butter as a quick go-to. Now we do ham/egg cups... we get up, put a some slices of ham in a 6-muffin tin tray - crack open eggs into the ham... throw it in the oven at 375 for 20 min... by the time we are dressed, brushed our teeth, fed the dogs etc. the ham/egg cups are ready. Pair it with fruit and you have a primal breakfast....

      Lunch - salads with avocado chix etc or left overs from dinners...

      Dinners - we've found you can manipulate - subtract the rice/beans/ grains from recipies and add in other things... IE: a beef and barley soup recipe we had transformed into beef and carrots with celery and a rutabaga (never had one of those before but it was good!) without the barley... or a chili recipie with black beans? We took out the black beans and added sweet potato...

      Takes a little getting used to and tweaking old thought processes but you can do it!

      We go out to our fave Mexican food place... order our beef fajitas with extra veggies, sourcream and guacamole with no tortillas or corn chips please! Just takes a little more thought to get around all the conventional wisdom and grains out there. Neither my husband or I feel deprived or like it's very hard... we still eat good foods we like. Now we just experiement a little with foods we've never tried before and with old recipies and tweaking them to be primal....

      Good luck!
      We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde