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  • New Ugha on the block

    Yeah, the new Ugha, Grok's girlfriend, it's me!

    I started PB somewhere in September this year. I am one of those that dive straight to the bottom of the pool. I am so tired of weighing myself, counting points, starving myself; so I decided that I am going to embrace PB as a new way of living, and naturally.

    I also started working the kettlebell too. Love it! I am new to this, but eager to learn and move on.

    I have two kids, one out of the house and a 10-year-old. I'm married and happy to be married. I'm originally from Brazil, living here for about 12 years. Love America!

    I love laughing and having fun. I also love to learn and ask questions. So you'll see me in the forum!
    Now... how come my profile picture doesn't show here??
    The mind is the source of ALL problems.

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    Well, I figured out the pic thing...
    The mind is the source of ALL problems.