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  • Need some help getting started please

    Hello everyone.

    This is such a good forum and I've looked at loads of posts and there's some really good advice on this but I'm still slightly confused about a few things.

    I can't eat eggs, nuts, seeds or fish, due to allergies and am therefore a bit confused about what to eat for breakfast. I'm not sure what to eat. The thought of meat first thing is a bit off putting.

    I did try this about 3 months ago for a week when my other half was away. I had a whey protein shake for breakfast but I felt like I got hungrier as the week went on and ended up feeling really hungry and by the end of the week and also felt really tired of meat. Am I being a bit pathetic??

    I think I felt fine in myself other than the hunger and lack of variety. Is this normal, or am I going wrong somewhere?

    I'm not a vegetarian, but wondered if anyone can help with some advice on how best to start this again so that I have more success. I'd like to convert to this way of eating permanently as everything I've read about this makes so much sense to me and I think that once I get into the swing of it, I'll definitely be glad that I did.

    For information, if it makes any difference, I have hashimoto's thyroiditis and am on a vitamin D3 supplement. I live in the UK just outside London, and I don't think we've had a summer this year hence the D3 supplements

    Many Thanks in advance
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    I did a Whole 30 with no eggs and it was tricky. I bought specialty sausages such as chicken apple, and cherry pork that felt more "breakfasty." I also made ground turkey sausage patties from a recipe in Eventually I got to where I could eat an 8 oz. hamburger or pork chops for breakfast.

    Whey protein is known to spike your insulin - after the spike comes a crash which is why you are hungry soon after.


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      When I was getting sick of bacon and eggs, I switched to berries and tropical fruits in a dish covered with either heavy cream or coconut milk (and a dash of cinnamon) for breakfast. Yogurt would be good too. I also made half my morning cup of coffee cream or coconut milk so it's pretty good calories. That is my only fruit for the day. I eat my bacon when I want snacks.


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        I think the key to not being hungry after breakfast is to eat sufficient fat. I eat bacon and eggs (I know you can't do the eggs) along with a "latte". My latte is made with espresso, chocolate whey isolate, and whole raw milk. In other words, I eat fat with protein, and fat with protein and fat with protein. Many days I don't eat lunch until after 3PM because I'm just not hungry. When I don't have time to cook breakfast I have a smoothy with frozen berries, raw milk, full fat plain yogurt, coconut oil, and the choc whey isolate, again mostly fat and protein...doesn't hold me as long but it gets me to lunch at a normal time.


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          i'm sorry if this is totally offensive and uninformed, but are you really sure you can't eat eggs, nuts, seeds or fish? that's kind of... amazing.

          i've heard of people allergic to egg whites, though never actually met anyone, but okay yeah that would suck. can you eat yokes?

          when you say nuts, that's a really broad category. what happens to you if you eat a macadamia nut? same thing with seeds. what is it in all seeds that you're allergic to? is it only some seeds?

          and all fish? i'll be honest, i've never heard of that.

          sorry for the skepticism; kind of.


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            I found when I started out that I had trouble achieving satiety (in fact it was damn near impossible). Eventually however things settled down and I can now eat more or less normally.

            Looking back I think what happens is that when you make the dietary transition, your body starts panicing and telling you it's hungry when in reality what it really wants is carbs & sugar. Eventually you "break through" and your body accepts fat as your fuel, and things go back to normal.


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              'm sorry if this is totally offensive and uninformed, but are you really sure you can't eat eggs, nuts, seeds or fish? that's kind of... amazing
              I wondered the same..there's some pretty controversial, possibly "woo" allergy testing out there.

              I read somewhere that after you've been off of known allergens you can sometimes re-introduce successfully without retriggering the allergy. I would do a clean Whole 30 or Whole 14 elimination diet and reintroduce one at a time every 3 days and see if you get any reactions - gut, hives, migraines, Joint pain, etc. Only eat the test food on Day 1, at all 3 meals, then watch for the next 2 days.


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                Hello everyone.

                Thanks for all your replies so far.

                I'm really sorry to have confused things and having re read my post I feel I ought to clarify what I meant. I honestly wasn't trying to mislead anyone so apologies and hope you don't think I'm a bit doo lally.

                When I said 'due to allergies' I didn't really want this post to get bogged down by the detail of this. Basically we don't have alot of food stuffs in the house due to allergies and more specifically my daughter's allergies.

                She has been tested by a peadiatric allergist and not by me at home with some of the available tests. We found out after she had a very bad anaphylactic reaction to wheat at 6 1/2 months. After that we discovered a load of other foods by trial and error and also have a list that have been identified by both skin prick tests and IGE blood tests.

                She is very allergic to most of these and as I am too nervous of her having a bad reaction again, we steer clear of most of the foods she can't have. She is indeed allergic to egg yolks and egg whites, all tree nuts, legumes includinh peanuts, chick peas, soya, mung beans, lentils, etc. Also wheat, oats, rapeseed oil, sesame, and a few others. She is now 4 and hasn't shown any signs of outgrowing any of these over the last 3 1/2 years and in fact this year the list has grown. :-( The advice of the allergy dr and nurse is that we should steer clear of all the foods that she is allergic to and as certain foods like nuts and eggs are 'sticky' that it's best to avoid these. By sticky they mean that no matter how careful one is when eating these, traces of these can be found around the house even if one washed their hands and faces really well after eating these.

                So as I don't feel like taking risks we just don't have these in the house in any form.

                I am also allergic to shell fish and as a result have an aversion to most fish. The smell just makes me feel ill.

                I really am sorry for not making this more clear in the first place but I was trying to avoid getting bogged down in the detail of my daughters allergies. They are very real and we carry medication everywhere we go, including epipens (adrenaline injectors). I cook all her meals from scratch and over the last few years taking care of her has become my priority and as a result I have sort of forgotten to make sure I'm ok too. We have never eaten out as a family and she has never had any sweets or even ice cream but she does eat a reasonable healthy diet of meat and some veg(not potatoes), some fruit and rice and corn for grains, water for drinks and a hypoallergenic hydrolysed formula for her 'milk'.

                That's why I'm looking at this as an option. Alot of the foods mentioned in the Primal Blueprint book are things she can't eat anyway and the reasons why they are also not good for you makes complete sense which is why I'm asking for some advice.

                I get alot of comments from people asking me if the lengths we go to to keep her safe are necessary and I always answer yes. I'm also well used to the eye rolling knowing looks from people and these have really affected my self esteem and often make me question myself. I am also on anti depressants due to the anxiety of it all. This is my reality and when I said 'due to allergies' this is what I should have said instead.

                I really am sorry for noy being completely up front about this.

                Anyway, the sausages for breakfast sound good as does the fruit with cream. I am lactose intolerant but seem to be not so bad with cream. Milk really upsets my stomach so I'll give those a go.

                The shake I had for that week that I didn't do well on was Solgar Whey to Go which i think is a whey protein isolate. Isn't that what's recommended in the book?

                Thanks so much for all your replies and apologies once again for any confusion I may have caused.
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                  A chicken or beef broth soup loaded with frozen veggies and spiced with your favorite flavors for breakfast is nice for winter months. I buy the boxed kind and add poultry seasoning, frozen butternut squash and spinach and nuke. I try and add a touch of olive oil for the fat afterward. It's not filling so you'd need to add a protein on the side. Is coconut out of the question? You might try that if the heavy cream doesn't work out. You can also water down the cream to more of a milk consistency if you want to use only a little.

                  Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with your daughter. She may outgrow at least some of her allergies, yet. I got hives every time from Hawaiin punch when I was little. By junior high I was drinking it every day with no problem.
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                    chicken or beef broth soup loaded with frozen veggies and spiced with your favorite flavors for breakfast is nice for winter months
                    Given her dietary limitations I would go out of my way to make homemade Bone broth to maximize her nutrient intake.


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                      I came across this on and immediately thought of your daughter. Might be worth re-testing, or doing a challenge test at the doctor's office:
                      I thought I was allergic to eggs for years..joint paint, pain in lower left side, GI upset, inflammation. Turns out it was just eggs that have been fed soy. Now that I have found some "soy feed free" eggs, I can eat them just fine.


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                        Thank you both for your replies.

                        The broth with vegetables sounds good so thank you for that.

                        I tried to make a chicken stock using chicken thighs and legs on the bone, some peppercorns, salt and water in a slow cooker(crockpot). The stock was ok but the chicken was still very pink in the middle.

                        Is a broth the same as the stock?

                        If not would you mind sharing your recipes? I'm not very good at cooking so often my attempts are a bit of a disaster.

                        I've seen crockpots mentioned on this forum a few times so is a broth a good thing to make in one, or is it better to make this on the hob?

                        Regarding the soy fed hen eggs, how interesting. Thank you. I often wonder if the foods that animals are fed cause problems for allergies. I'm not sure if we buy grass fed meat but I do buy organic as much as I can.

                        Thanks again for your help and advice
                        take care


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                          Originally posted by this n that View Post
                          Thank you both for your replies.

                          The broth with vegetables sounds good so thank you for that.

                          I tried to make a chicken stock using chicken thighs and legs on the bone, some peppercorns, salt and water in a slow cooker(crockpot). The stock was ok but the chicken was still very pink in the middle.
                          You're welcome, this n that.

                          I've only made chicken broth once and I'm not much of a cook but it turned out beautifully. I did not use a raw chicken to start, though. I collected leftover bones from already spiced and cooked "bone-in" pieces of deli chicken with the skins on. The chicken is already prepared and flavored so I just throw anything I don't eat, including some bits of meat and grissle and all that into a box in my freezer.

                          When I have enough to load up my crockpot 1/4 of the way then I put in the chicken leftovers, cover it with water plus 2 inches, add roughly 1/4c apple cider vinegar and turn it on overnight. I may have let it cook for anywhere between 10 and 24 hours. That part I can't remember offhand.

                          If you all had bone-in chicken for family dinner twice a week you'd probably have enough leftovers to make the broth every week, too. I highly recommend you give it a try. It's super easy and very healthy.