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looking into this lifestyle change and a bit overwhelmed

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  • looking into this lifestyle change and a bit overwhelmed

    Hey hey people. I really like the sound of this diet and feel like its a great fit for myself but i am scared. I am scared of letting go of my bad habits and change. I need to know if this is great for kids as well, tips from other parents would be awesome, such as snacks etc etc. She is almost 7, healthy happy fit and way way active. I guess I just need advice and to hear from people who feel like me. I am over 250lbs and hate myself (well the way i look), i do work out and try to eat somewhat healthy. on the first of the month of November I would like to start with small steps in this new phase of life, so again please help. i think most of all i would miss cream in my coffee, not the sugar

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    Be scared, but do it anyway.

    p.s. You can keep the cream.


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      If you would miss the cream more than the sugar then you'll be fine, it lets us know you're more into savory than sweet and I reckon that's the best place to come from. On the primal diet you need not cut dairy altogether (though we tend to prefer fattier options like cream, butter, cheese, etc, in moderation of course)

      I can't advice much about kids, because I don't have them.

      Spend sometime on the MAIN SITE (the forums are full of people that have found "their" version of primal, and these aren't always reflective of what's found on the book, I for instance don't eat as many veggies as the book would like me to... but I'm grown and I just don't wanna) and reading the book and start making small adjustments.

      Change your mindset up a bit too, instead of thinking of how scary it is to let go of things you know you like (but now know aren't doing you any favors) get excited about the thrill of trying out new foods that not only are delicious but also contribute to your good health. It's the best of both worlds. I get excited knowing that what I eat nourishes my body, fuels my activities and tastes great. I don't really miss anything I used to eat, but I also didn't come from a grain-heavy background, so the transition was sort of easy. Think of it as going on vacation to a different place where all this crap isn't available to you, rather than being afraid, be excited that you get to eat "exotic" foods or something like that. Hey, the mind is powerful, use it.
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        thanks both of you!! i am going to take the next week and really research and plan things out for the big change b/c i will have to adjust a love of items we normally have in our home, its nice to know my hubby is 110% in this with me and supportive. i am trying to have the mind set of being excited for next spring/summer and not hiding away, or missing out of doing things (beach swimming and pretty much anything i have to show off my body outside) with my little one, i want to take my clothes off and feel like i am walking sex but MOST OF ALL, i want to know i am keeping myself in my best form inside and out for my kid and my future kids. thanks for the advise and a different way to look at it!!!


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          Originally posted by annabell1230 View Post
          i think most of all i would miss cream in my coffee, not the sugar
          Then keep the cream. In fact, use 35% MF whipping cream if you so desire!


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            Originally posted by annabell1230 View Post
            i want to take my clothes off and feel like i am walking sex
            Ha! Don't we all?

            Maybe order Mark's new book to help you get started. Looks like it will be good for someone who likes to have a plan.


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              When you start, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it a couple of weeks before you say it sucks and you feel like crap. I've seen too many people complain that it's "obviously not for them" when they're just about to make a breakthrough and feel really great.

              Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit, not what the scale says, especially after that first initial weight drop. You're often going to be leaning up without losing actual pounds, and the scale won't tell you that. But other people can see you shrinking.

              And just go by the book for the first month or so. Then you can tweak it a bit here and there to see what works best for you. But until then, just trust in the system and have fun eating food that used to be forbidden!


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                what types of meats do you guys recommend?


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                  Beef, lamb, wild caught fish and other seafoods, pork, bacon, chicken are all in my freezer at the moment. Get whatever cuts are easiest for you to prepare and that you like best. I go with a lot of ground meats and fast cooking "strips" and nuke my bacon. I try and get grass fed beef and lamb and pastured eggs or omega3 eggs. I also have pepperoni sticks, canned tuna and liver every once in a while. The liver I try and get 1/4lb per week.

                  You will likely see the fastest weight loss if you go easy on the carbs and try and get your calories more from good fats, excepting nuts and alot of dairy, which can hold people up. I mean to say that I don't lose weight when I seem to be eating a 50/50 ratio of carbs to fat, so I try and go for a 30/70 ratio. Always being a low fat eater previously, I am still amazed at how much fat I can eat in a day and not gain weight when I don't have carbs competing, it is astounding. You will find what works for you.
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                    We cut out grains completely in May and slowly went completely primal over the next few months. My wife and I noticed a huge change in our son, 22 months now, after about 2 days without grains. He sleeps better and isn't cranky in the morning. Before he'd sleep 9 - 10 hours at night and within a half hour of waking he'd be acting like he needs a nap. Overall he's just in a better mood and more even tempered. I weighed 275lbs Dec 1st of last year, I'm now 213, I was low carb before going primal so for me the biggest change was to pastured meats and different fats.

                    As for snacks, nuts, cheese (raw milk cheese if you can find it), full fat yogurt, some fruit (mostly berries), etc. To be honest our son doesn't eat much during the day since going primal. He eats a large breakfast and a med - large dinner. His daycare lady is always concerned that he doesn't eat, but we're not concerned because we see how much he eats and he's growing just fine.

                    You're biggest benefit will come from dumping grains and plant based fats (coconut oil is ok though).


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                      Awesome once again you both are super helpful. My little girl will be 7 in December, and I know with the change in my meal making she will be just fine bc she is the kid you see that chose fruit over cake and she loves her meats and nuts. I am just really excited after reading into everyone's postivie feedback and ideas. I have a friend who started herself and family primal last Feb, so she is a great guide also. I suffer from anxiety and depression, I have also read really wonderful things about the change in diet and how it helped other's with these issues. I also have some form of allergy to something in common foods with causes my nose to itch, i get the runs, and sometimes blotchy itchy skin, so I also help to cut that out.