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A clueless professional searching for the holy graal

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  • A clueless professional searching for the holy graal

    Hi all,

    I love this forum and am right now working my way through the before and after pictures thread. So many gorgeous people out there looking great with a healthy definition, well done to all of you I hope to be part of it one day!

    I started a journal a few days ago to help myself spot patterns in food and energy levels. I will copy most part of that introduction, so if you have had a look at my journal you can skip some now

    I am a 34 year old sugar addicted nutritionist and personal trainer. Sounds good? I have never really been overweight but never lean as I should have been with my choice of profession. I can't count how many times I have decided to give up sugar and failed. I did manage for about 3 months about 5 years ago and dropped quite a lot of weight doing so. But unfortunately I thought I was cured and decided to enjoy just a bite, that turned into two next time, and another and so on. Working extra in a bakery is not to recommend for carboholics. What made me succeed for that long was a lchf diet, the only diet that managed to reduce/get rid of my cravings. But to be totally honest it was quite a boring diet. Almost no fruit and few veggies is not my thing.

    About 6 months ago I started looking into paleo more since I have, as long as I can remember, been convinced it's the right way to eat, just not been convinced I can do it. I can add I have been quite depressed lately and that has made me go into the "I will do it next Monday" mode. One day at the gym I decided to jump up on the scales since I had noticed how big my belly had gotten and how tight my trousers were fitting. That was a slap in my face, 76.3 kg (168.2 lbs)! Ouch, that really hurt, I have never been that heavy and with a BMI of 27. I know I used to be at the higher end of normal BMI but then I have more muscle mass than most women my size and it has never really bothered me. This got me to immediately start looking into paleo again and I decided I will give it a go, but with modification. Yes it has to be low carb or I will get really bad abstinence, but I need dairy on this journey to help me get the fat and protein content up and also some fruit to stop the worst cravings and most of all psychologically to make me feel as not all sweet things in life are gone.

    Monday the 26th of September was the big day and hopefully the start of a totally new lifestyle for me. 4 weeks into a primal diet I feel pretty good. I used to suffer from extreme tiredness in the mornings and only felt ok when I regularly supplemented with tyrosine. Many days I could "sleep" for 10-11 hours and still struggle to get out of bed, felt like my body was made of lead, I still need 8-9 hours of sleep, but I don't feel especially tired in the morning. Last week I have been slightly more tired again, but it might be the weather.

    As far as training goes I tried spinning and easy jogging during the 2nd week with very bad result. Extreme fatigue and no glycogen whatsoever in my muscles. Old granny could walk past me the pace I was jogging. I tried going even lower on my carbs for 4 days, dropped from 50-100g in the beginning to 20-40g. Spinning was ok after that, hard to do the sprints after the first 20 minutes but I felt as if I could go on medium intensity for hours. Then I found Mark's blog and decided to skip my running for now and stick with the daily walks with my dog.

    As one of the beginners on this diet I have made some lowcarb apple cake, primal bars and also had a little bit of dark chocolate mixed with coconut oil to have the option of treating myself. This has helped me a lot mentally, especially on Saturday evenings in front of the tv with my boyfriend who actually likes the non sweet apple cake

    Except from my weight issues I have had allergies since I was 12 and asthma since I was 13 or 14 years old. I am usually suffering from headaches several days a week (a lot of that is tension though so don't know if a PB diet would be able to help) and was struggling with an inflammation in my coccyx (tailbone) for more than 2 years and was seeing a physiotherapist for 8 months without any results.

    I lost a lot of weight the first two weeks and just half a kg (1 lb) last two weeks. I hope it will start going down again soon, but in the end it doesn't matter how quick it goes. My plan is to stick with this lifestyle the rest of my life. I need to break free of the carb addiction forever!

    If I dare I will take some bikini pics tomorrow and post them. I think that is the best way for me to see the results. I have never ever posted a pic of myself on internet so I'm pretty scared. I got cameraphobia and don't even have normal pics of myself because I hate seeing them.

    Thank you all for making this forum such a nice and welcoming place for us newbies! <3

    Starting weight: 76.3 kg (168.2 lbs)
    Current weight: 73.2 kg (161.4 lbs)
    Goal weight: 63 kg (138.9lbs)

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    Welcome! Another health care professional here absolutely ashamed of where I am right now. I love these forums too. I've not started primal yet, I'm the type to research something down to its core and then, when I know every nut and bolt, then I jump in. I'll definitely go and find your journal and follow your progress.


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      Thanks Ancient!
      I agree, it's so embarrassing to be supposed to have superior knowledge and not being able to get where you want yourself. I used to be a diet advisor but haven't done any of that since aquiring my master's degree in nutrition because I don't believe in it myself anymore, such a waste of a dagree
      Need to pull myself together, get some energy back and start being creative. I'm 100% convinced this is the only way to go (or strict paleo if you prefer) but before starting to preach about it I need to live it myself!


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        I hear ya

        Hi Pimzilla
        I hear ya. I'm an Osteopath, married to a Naturopath and really interested in health....but have all these inflammatory markers....I know paleo and primal eating is the way to go, but like you have started and stopped many times when the carb cravings start.
        anyway lets band together and I will post my befores as well.
        I don't need to lose alot of weight but need to drop body weight. Am currently 23% and feel best at 17% ish.
        anyway lets keep each other accountable and I'd love to hear your progress.
        I am a 40 year old female mother of two and running a full time professional practice here in Australia


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          Hi Osteo!

          Great to see other health professionals here! It's so hard to admitt to myself what and idiot I have been believing all the crazy stuff when I should have known better. When I moved to the UK 3 years ago I stopped working as a personal trainer and focused on finishing my degree. After that I have been unemployed and have not felt as I could work with health again because of my own health issues, I wouldn't pay myself money to hear my advice looking like that. Hopefully I will be able to turn this around and become a much better nutritionist and PT in the end with the looks to prove what I'm doing is right!
          Pictures are up btw, but maybe it's sleepy time in Australia!