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Hi Everyone, New guy here!

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  • Hi Everyone, New guy here!

    Hi guys, new guy here on a fat kick... I've had enough of a belly (currently around 14.5 stone) and am determined to get rid of it and get lean.
    My main reason is really to hit a triathlon next year, Unfortunately my step mother died recently and as a result my father has asked me to try one with him next year (she did quite a few in the UK, and he's a Cyclist, Dave Dent if your interested).
    I started a much more healthy way of eating last week, And just wondering if anyone has any extra tips to really push a beginner to his limits. Heres currently what I'm doing/eating

    45 Minute brisk walk everyday at lunch
    1 hour gym session (3 times a week, any tips for what excersises to do would be fantastic!)
    45 Minute Bike Ride once a week (going to step it up a gear as a replacement for a hard sprint)

    Diet Before:
    Breakfast - NOTHING!
    Lunch - Sandwiches, Crisps, Fizzy Drinks, Biscuits
    Dinner - Pizza, Burgers etc.... (aka.. crap)
    Snacks - Whatever I can get my hands on really, normally in the form of a toasted sandwich

    Diet Currently:
    Breakfast - Either a piece of Fruit or a Carrot (I love carrots!!!!)
    Lunch - A form of salad, Currently consisting of Mixed Lettuce, Cucumbers, Carrots, Tomatoes and either Chicken/Salmon or Tuna with a few glasses of water
    Dinner - Currently another salad, Although today I had a small amount of lasagne with some Sweet Potatoes (tried the sweet potatoes with a little Allspice, Nutmeg and Cinamon today Yum!)
    Snack - Rarely a piece of fruit, but mostly a chopped carrot or two so I don't get hungry

    Personally I think I'm doing okay, I'm trying to limit my fruits now to keep the carbs low and Making sure to get a reasonable amount of protein in my diet.
    Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or could improve? please let me know, I'd love some tips on this. My aim is to drop the weight and then start working on cardio to get in a position to do some long distance excersise.