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anyone else have trouble eating fatty foods?

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  • anyone else have trouble eating fatty foods?

    Newbie here... I think this program/way of life is SAVAGE and am jumping in head first

    However - today is the first day of "clean" eating and for the first time in my life (that i can recall) i am eating some dark meat chicken.... errmmm.... UGH!

    I will choke this down, and the serving i have for tomorrow but never again!

    I guess i am simply a lean meat kinda girl

    So my question is this - any good alternatives to fatty meats? I think coconut oil is grand but anything else? what about hemp seeds? they are nearly all fat no?

    I am really trying to keep my omega 6 levels down, as i am doing battle with a couple of serious auto immune buggers.... So i'm iffy on the oils and eating too many nuts or seeds....

    Any help is appreciated!

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    so is beef out of the question? I rarely eat any kind of poultry, but beef is yummy, pork ribs, maybe? I also poach 3 frozen tilapia filets (there are 3 of us eating dinner) in a stick of good butter, then sprinkle grated lemon peel and grind pepper over it-amazing, makes a really nice broth. Coconut milk (canned) is also pretty high in fat and there are tons of things you can do with it.
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      Haven't eaten beef in ages, but i think i could give it a go. I got spoiled living in Ireland, all the beef there was from grass fed cows (you didn't need to go organic it was ALL that way) it was the best thing i ever ate! lol when i got back to the states there was just no comparing... so i'll buy some grass fed and have at it :-)
      No seafood for me, although your fish recipe sounds yummy (except for the fish part lol) hmmm hadn't thought about canned coconut milk -- THANKS!


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        Eggs can get you covered for at least one meal of the day, and I do eat quite a bit of beef every week. Lean chicken is fine too, just fry it in butter or coconut oil or something and it should be very satiating.
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          I love avocado, though I'm not sure how they are on the Omegas. And right now, the only ones you can find are crappy, but other times of the year they're great.

          Your taste will change, though, so don't think the way things are now are the way they are forever.