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What supplements should I start with?

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  • What supplements should I start with?

    So I'm on day 19 of my new primal lifestyle and am looking to get supplements. I already take O3's. I did a search and it seems like D3, Mag citrate and a B complex w/vit c are pretty common. I was at the grocery store yesterday and had a D3 in my basket and while I was waiting to check out, looked at the ingreds and it had soybean oil and corn oil in it I immediately put it back! I will be heading to GNC today to get a few things, so what would y'all rec I start with? GNC has a D3 that's 2000 mg and 2500mg I was looking at. How much should I start with? Is Mag citrate 150 mg ok? And what about CoQ10? Beneficial or no?
    I bought Mark's new book at B & N yesterday and it was $24 in the store!! Ugh, should've ordered it online and even with s/h it would've been cheaper. Oh well, live and learn!
    I must divulge I had a halloween cookie last night...a little one. Was making halloween cookies with my grandson and haven't had anything sweet for nearly 3 weeks, so I did it. And it was good!!