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I don't want no stinking doctors and their sorry assed pills!

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  • I don't want no stinking doctors and their sorry assed pills!

    Fellow tribe members, I join you today (officially as I've been lurking for months) as a 62 year old woman who is willing to do whatever is necessary to stay away from doctors and their version of health in pill form. I've lived in California all these years and, therefore, have been active and (relatively) fit. Never particularly overweight, but not thin. Yea, I'm here for all the tips you guys have for getting and staying healthy.

    Reading around on the interweb, I'm struck by how rabid the nutrition enthusiasts are no matter what philosophy they've embraced. But, going primal leaves me with no one to talk to about it. My husband and his daughter are happily obese people who eat food that would horrify any nutrition obsessed group no matter what it is they value. Can't talk to my own daughter as she is a nutritionist.

    Thanks for being there everybody.

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    Welcome...officially! If there's any place to find people that can's here for sure.



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      Welcome 1949katie! You'll find the support you need here. I am from a family of wheat farmers and the daughter of a rice-eating Asian mom. Countless co-workers and friends are skeptical and discouraging, but I am primal despite all of them. I feel good and no one will deny me that! Being primal has allowed me to ditch my asthma meds and live a real life.


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        Welcome! It's hard when you have close family members who you see destroying themselves with their lifestyle. Thankfully, my hubby has turned primal and is totally on the bandwagon. It's my parents who are killing themselves slowly, and they have no interest in making changes. <sigh>

        This is a great place to get ideas, vent, discover new recipes, etc.


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          Hi Katie! im from Cali too, the Central Coast area. I feel the same as you, and I have a husband and a 19 yr old son who have terrible eating habits and will never go Primal. I've learned after 20 years of marriage, that you have to pick your battles, and the food issue is a no-win situation for me. So I realized that I can only change myself and at the very least set a good example.

          Good luck and glad you are here!


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            I love your Mad-as-Hell-and-Not-Gonna-Take-It-Anymore spirit.


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              Welcome, and good luck on your journey to "New Health". I wish that my parents(they are similar in age) would take similar steps to that of yourself. I commend you for your efforts in wanting a better life...Rock Out with your Grok Out!
              Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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                Thank you, guys, (and I have to say ladies, too). I absolutely do not feel alone when I log into this board. Seeking energy and health shouldn't be such an ethereal goal... A little exercise, some good whole foods, eschew just about anything in a box and....take a walk! That's my primal blueprint in a sentence. I've read Primal Blueprint (twice) while on the treadmill and am currently reading Paleo Solution (again, on the treadmill). Why on the treadmill -- it's my motivation to get on the treadmill, of course.


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                  "If there's any place to find people that can's here for sure."

                  That's pretty funny....