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Hello - an excerpt from my life story, lol

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  • Hello - an excerpt from my life story, lol

    Hi everyone. It's actually sunny here today in Wiltshire, England and I've taken the kids out for some frisbee this morning (we have a ways to go before we can try "Ultimate" - they need to do better at simply catching it first!)

    I've been heading the primal way for quite awhile, but just never quite got there... I've had multiple health issues which have affected my family... some of which have been treated alternatively. My eldest was treated for "asthma" for 10 years before I discovered he had a set of food allergies - he's been off all inhalers for 2 1/2 years now and has grown like a weed to make up for lost time. My own hypothyroid condition has been successfully treated by removing soy from my diet and supplementing iodine. My doctor was amazed when blood tests earlier this year proved that I'd succeeded!
    I'm still fighting my chronic fatigue syndrome, but have made a lot of progress this year due to dietary changes. (So much progress, that I think I've ALWAYS had some degree of CFS.)

    Although I've had six children, I'd always gained too much weight in pregnancy - until my sixth (born in Feb) - who was massive (11lbs. 9oz). I lost ALL my pregnancy weight in the first week (proving all the weight this time had been baby!) I've struggled enormously to lose weight since then, however - despite breastfeeding exclusively. I do take a fair amount of exercise... I live about a mile from our local shops and walk there and back 3 or 4 times per week - though I sometimes grab the bus if my hip hurts (more common since my youngest was born.)

    In June, I began the GAPS diet which has helped me a lot - my energy levels went sky-high and put a serious dent in my CFS. But I'm still unable to lose weight. (I'm about 200 lbs right now and only 5'1.) I ended up "chatting" to Barry Grove via email (author of "Trick and Treat" and a very good nutritional website called Second Opinions) who said that perhaps my stressful life right now (constant bickering/fighting with my ex, unfortunately, and an upcoming court fight with him) has caused my cortisol levels to go up, triggering an insulin response and the struggle with my weight. (And, perhaps, causing my baby to be so big when I wasn't "diabetic".)

    Anyway, I've been pouring through all of Mark's writings and working on further transforming both our diet and our activity schedule (made more difficult as my boys' father tends to run them until they're exhausted when they visit him) in order to make us all fitter.
    Hey, if this thing can work with me, it can work with anyone!

    Thanks for listening.
    (I'm terrible at keeping up with forums, but I'll try to remember to pop in now and again. If any of you are on Facebook - and want to keep up with me, let me know.)

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    Welcome! If you have the time, definitely read Mark's articles on this site. They are a great source of information for keeping ontrack with the primal lifestyle. If you have not already, you may find that cutting out gluten/grains will significantly aid in joint pain. I find that my knees only hurt when I've "cheated" and had something with flour in it!
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      Hi there, Nameless.
      The intro GAPS diet includes no grains whatsoever, so I've not had any grains or sugar (except once, I think) for the past 4 1/2 months. It has definitely made a huge difference, but not necessarily on the hip. I've just been trying to drink more bone broth and rest more as carrying a large baby around takes its toll on me right now!

      I'm working on the relaxation/de-stressing stuff now to try and get this cortisol more or less out of the picture.

      Anyway, just took a "before" photo of myself. I hope that I'll make enough improvement to be able to do an "after" photo at some point.


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        good job congratulations! you're so good!


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          Welcome! I hope to see you in Mark's Success Stories series one of these days. Grok on!
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