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    Howdy All --

    Another newbie on the site/forum (an amazing resource, by the way) saying hey.

    I've been playing with the primal diet for the last month (having read the very sense-making book) and am on my third day of "total" primal.

    Salient details: I'm 40, 6'0", 160. I quit smoking about four months ago and am slowly but surely getting back to living healthy (going primal is just an extension of this).

    Part of my health kick is putting on weight (my daily intake goal is a whopping 3000 calories). Sort of working, but getting my ratios right is still a challenge. (Sadly putting on a bit of fat....oops!)

    Totally loving all the eggs I get to eat.

    Onward ho, eh.

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    Start lifting heavy things and your body will find uses for those calories.


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      Welcome in*trepid! Congratulations on going total primal. I found that easier than going 80% primal and more effective too.

      Jfreaksho is right. Lifting heavy things is always a good idea as long as you give yourself ample recovery time.


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        Four months no smoking is a big deal. Way to Go!


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          In*trepid, what did you find was the harder habit to break? Cigarettes or carbs?