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  • Excited and Happy

    Let me first start by saying hello from Australia

    Since I was 17 or so I have always had a great interest towards health and fitness. As I grew up in the country I would most certainly lean towards the natural approach towards staying healthy.

    I moved to the city and the first thing I noticed is how out of touch everyone was with their bodies. My friends would eat a set meal plan to the dot of every second hour, use high tech weight machines and would "juice" up with steroids to gain as much muscle mass as possible along with the least amount of body fat.

    I feel relieved that I have found a community that supports my beliefs towards natural health (and I LOVE the comparison to the caveman Grok)

    I have been training 8hrs a day, 6 days a week in Thailand for the past 2 months and started the primal eating plan (cut out grains, breads etc.) about 2 weeks ago through a recommendation of a friend. Since then, I have become faster, stronger and I generally feel better. Plus I feel unstoppable in sparring sessions (Unleash the inner caveman LOL).

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce and share a little bit about myself and also to say how excited I am about joining this online community

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    Welcome to the Tribe! There are several Aussies about the boards. It's always good to see another!


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      HIa nd welcome, I;m in Melbourne myself.


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        Welcome to the forum


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          It is kinda fun to see how many Aussies there are floating around here...


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            Haha yeah I have noticed how many Aussies there are!

            Thanks for the warm welcome everyone


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              Thanx again for the friendly welcome! Loving it already