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New mommy blog; primal/multiple multiples/stroke survivor

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  • New mommy blog; primal/multiple multiples/stroke survivor

    Hey everyone I'm posting here for my wife, Loralei. We started moving our family over to a primal eating lifestyle early this year and my wife has decided to start blogging about her life in general as a stay at home mom to 2 sets of twins. Her blog won't revolve solely around eating/living an ancestral lifestyle but it will be an aspect of the themes she covers.

    Short story: we've lost more than 60 lbs between my wife and I since we started eating primaly. Our twin 3 year old boys have become significantly more mellow and better able to cope with daily life without going in to meltdown mode. Our twin 3 MONTH old girls do fantastically on "primal-fed, primal-finished" breast milk (although we have occasionally had to resort to formula).

    My wife will also be covering topics along the lines of: dealing with the lingering disability associated with her massive stroke at the age of 8 (head trauma led to stroke); the unique challenges and blessings of having multiples (twins) and MULTIPLE multiples (twins twins).

    She is also going for a contest with one of our local credit unions (Verity Credit Union) to become their 'Verity Mom'. Basically it is a contest to become a mommy-blogger for the Seattle area.

    If anyone is interested in 1. following the above blog topics or 2. just helping a fellow ancestral thriver win a contest, please follow her blog at, twitter @xtrememommying, and/or get the word out and help us leverage the whole 6-degrees of separation thing.

    The more followers she has, the better chance of being chosen as a finalist on 10/15... If she gets in the finals it goes to an open vote at Verity Mom - Home...

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    well, i would like to say, Good Job on having a wife and having the kids, this is the most beautiful thing in the world.

    i cannot read your blog, unfortunately, because i am reading more important things and, you know, it is not good to bite off to much, because then you can not chew it properly.

    but i wish you strong luck.