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  • Hi, I'm a nube...

    This is my 3rd day trying primal. My husband still wants his rice and tortillas, but he supports my endeavors. This morning i woke up late, but i wasn't hungry. Ate a spoon of almond butter to take medicine. Anyway, Hi! Trying this on a budget. Still eating yogurt but it doesn't bother me. Wish me luck.

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    Good luck. See if you can barter. Keep the rice, but get rid of the tortillas.


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      Good to have you! Get masa tortillas and you'll be good to go.
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        Hi Kathy! Welcome.

        Hopefully the yogurt is whole milk without sugar. :-)
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          Kathy- I'm new, too! Try Greek Gods whole milk plain yogurt. I add a few drops of Vanilla Creme flavored liquid stevia (by Sweet Leaf). I also mix in some sliced strawberries. Delish! It's like strawberry chessecake and makes a great snack or dessert replacement. You can find both in health food stores, or maybe your regular grocery store if it has a good organic section.

          I'm on my 11th day, and I feel amazing!!! Weight is falling off! Good luck!



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            The yogurt was FF Dannon Oikos (only because i could not bear to throw it out). I have a big container of GG whole to dive into. My husband always buys corn tortillas. He probably thinks this is another fad for me, I just dove off the Weight watchers wagon. Thanks for all the support.


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              Kathy, I'm right with you! I'm just jumping (or falling again) off the WW wagon, too. I just got sick of all the counting and tracking. I started to feel like all I thought about was food and it was a few good days, followed by a few bad days. I lost about 12 pounds on the PP plan, but then I just couldn't seem to get things moving again. PB has been so great because I don't think about food as much and it just feels natural. I'm also not ever hungry and gone are the 3-4pm munchies. It's also nice not to worry about adhering to fixed mealtimes. Who cares if it's 3pm and I haven't eaten lunch!

              Hope things are going well for you. Today marks the end of my 2nd week and I've lost 4 lbs! Yippee!

              Good luck to you!


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                I fell off the Primal Wagon and crawled back on last week. I just about forgot how good I can feel eating the primal way.

                Wishing you lots of success on your journey!


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                  try the egg tortilla recipe in the Primal Blueprint cookbook! They are fab!! Can't taste the difference so sneak them on your husband