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Going Primal in the UK!

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  • Going Primal in the UK!

    Hi all

    My name is Lloyd and I am from the UK - i stumbled across the Primal Blueprint whilst looking into the paleo diet, and then found Mark's Daily Apple. I'm into day three and have so far had a fuzzy day, a head ache day - but I'm hoping that it will sort itself out soon!

    I'm 5'11'' and weight 255 lbs, or 17st 7 lbs in UK money. I'm looking to loose about 40 lbs and get to looking a damn sight more impressive than I do now!

    I'll be starting a journal so maybe I'll see some of you over there - and I;d love to hear from UK primalists (that even a word?!)



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    Hi Lloyd

    I live in Sunny (?) Bognor.

    I'm on day 3 and am a bit dizzy and head achey too I guess it's our bodies getting rid of all the crap and adjusting. I was guided here by a friend and although it's very early days I love the whole idea!

    Good luck with everything and keep me posted on how you're doing.

    Cheers Mel

    I'm 5 foot nothing and on a good day I weigh 9st 4 so I'm looking to loose 16lbs and gain a new wardrobe (shame your feet don't loose weight too).


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      Hi Lloyd
      Greetings from Leeds! Congratulations both on your progress to date, I'm only about 60/40 at the moment, after trying hard I am now finding it easier to do this over a period of time than a big bang and have got most of the crap out of my diet though not all. Looking forward to following your progress.



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        Alright Lloyd, I'm in Surrey. There's a wealth of info on this site and others. Following the 'paleo' diet, even loosely will make you feel 10x better.


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          Cheers guys - day 4 and the headaches aren't much fun!