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    I got the book about 2 weeks ago, read it in one day, started the next. This board has so much information, I've been reading for days.

    I am 53 and always been interested in health. I've always wondered why I couldn't get rid of certain health issues even though I was eating "healthy". Hopefully I know the answer now, I needed to eliminate grains/sugar. Starchy carbs have been my enemy for a long time anyway as far as keeping my weight down. I've been eating Primal for almost 2 weeks and really don't miss them.

    Some of the health issues for me is sinus problems (constant post nasal drip) Not sure if that's grains or dairy, probably both. I'm eliminating most dairy now too even though I love cheese. I also have high blood pressure (on medication) since I was in my late 30's. My goal is to get off the medicine. I also hope to get rid of my occasional foggy, not comfortable in my own skin feelings.

    Since I started I've felt better on most days. Today not so much. Maybe it's the carb flu I've been reading about. I'm so tired, a little headachy and nauseated. I know it will pass.

    I really look forward to the great results yet to come.

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    Welcome, fellow Coloradoan! You'll come out of the sleepy/yucky feeling soon. Good luck to you


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      Welcome. I believe this WOL will help with your ailments and probably get you off the blood pressure meds.
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        Thanks guys!


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          Hey JuJube, I am in Denver too and am almost two weeks in as well. I have not had any carb flu symptoms yet, hopefully those pass for you fairly quickly! Stick with it!


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            Thanks Josh, I feel better today but still a little tired. I'm sure it will pass.


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              Welcome! The tired will pass.
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