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  • Ontariogirl

    Just joined today, as I am home with a head sinus cold and feeling sorry for myself. i have been off and on Paleo since the new year. I felt the benefits from the loss of grains, dairy and sugars, however I got sidetracked back into bad habits. I know my cold today, is a result of bad eating in the last week with pasta and bread.
    As said above, I felt a great while on Paleo for two months. My head was clear and I had energy. My husband was trying Paleo as well. Where I had a problem was my low energy while running (initially) which got better in the second month. I did not really lose any weight either. That was probably the biggest factor. Now, I know safe weight loss would result in 5 lbs a month and I know that portion control has to be necessary despite the claims that you don't need to measure calories or weigh your food.
    I always try to start the week off with good intentions as I know the good feelings I get from eating Paleo, however I feel so bloated and fat in the last year. I am 51 years old and exercise about 30 minutes 4 times a week, either running, cycling and plan to get back into weight-lifting.
    I am 5'4' and a very uncomfortable 150 lbs. Only I know how uncomfortable my new "gut" feels when I sit and consciously pull my sweater over the bulge!!!!

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    Welcome. If you want to tell us more, maybe someone can help you figure out why no weight loss.

    I really don't see portion control being a factor if you eat healthy foods.
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