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Why sabotage my success and how do I stay on track

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  • Why sabotage my success and how do I stay on track

    OK I did make the mistake of weighing myself and I kind of put everything back on (from March). I am not too worried though I just know that I have to be so careful and that's why it's not a quick fix. Even though I didn't eat like I used to I still over ate too much to maintain or even stay close to what I was.

    If at first you don't don't give up.

    I have a few festivities and eating occasions coming up and this time I will be strict with myself. I still have a bad tummy ache, physical pains, numbness and I'm super moody. Honestly, although the first bites of real cookies, cakes etc are good they are so not worth it for me.

    My goal is to make sure that I stay on plan for the next few weeks. It's even worse because I managed to almost get to my lower goal and then shot up again.

    I am now going to ensure I stay at my higher goal as that seems maintainable.

    At least hubby didn't gain more than a pound. I'm so proud of his determination and his own low-carb diet. Today was a fast day (Jewish fast day) so I broke the fast on spinach soup

    Cooked spinach, heavy cream, tbs of sour cream, hot water, salt and onions (which were sauteed with the spinach and some butter originally). Grated some Parmesan cheese into it once it was cooked and had some pine kernels in mine. Kids had some but said it was a bit rich.

    For dessert blueberries, roasted coconut, coconut cream, nuts (very few, honest)and 1 piece of 86% chocolate. I was just saying goodbye to this type of food for the next couple of weeks ;-).

    My goal is to lose all this extra weight by the thanksgiving holiday celebrations, with Chanukka creaping up round the corner.

    I have a journal but haven't been good about writing in it.

    A bit about me. I'm 5'3" and apart from being anorexic in my teens and vegetarian into my mid twenties I've been between about 10 pounds overweight and my goal weight for most of my adult life. I tried a couple of diets but never managed to maintain. I'm 44 and have had thyroid issues and IBS for the past few years. I started exercising again about a year ago. I started to see results as I do a lot of toning, weight resistance and swimming. When I do cardio I do it as a warm up and I do 1 minute intensive and the rest of a 10 minute stint is at a slower pace.

    I started low carbing and tried to do Paleo about 9 months ago but found it to strict and I missed my dairy food. March time I started Atkins and lost about 10 pounds (slightly more) gained muscle and lost body fat. Was full of energy IBS virtually gone (although constipation an issue). Could not have sweeteners etc as my body hates them and so I decided that the occasional teaspoon of honey, fruit preserve won't kill me. I missed my fruit too and decided that I could live with Primal way of eating. I far prefer veg to protein (remember I used to be vegetarian). Started the 30 day challenge knowing I would take a break for the Jewish New Year. Now I hope I'm back on track.

    Does anyone else have this issue with staying on plan? How do you stop the vicious cycle?

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    I'm really asking if anyone was ever in the same boat..

    What do you do to combat emotional eating?


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      No one else has my issues?

      Wow. I was hoping that all the viewers might be able to help me out.

      How do you deal with overeating?


      Small piece of primal sponge cake
      egg salad
      Goats cheese, lettuces, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers in a mustard vinaigrette. Shop bought which I haven't had for ages. From the downstairs cafeteria.

      Now if I can just not eat tonight or eat sensibly I will be happy.


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        How much fat are you eating? If you make sure to include enough fat so that you can eat sufficiently and feel satiated, that may help combat any potential for overeating.
        Depression Lies


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          I found the best way for myself to stop the cycle was through intermittent fasting. By eating a HUGE meal around 2:00 PM and then two smaller meals, I find that I never really get too hungry (fasting, in the short term, 16 hours in my case, can actually lead to a suppression of feelings of hunger, as I'm sure you've experienced with your religious fast.) Also, do you track your calories? It is extremely easy to eat large amounts of calories on the PB diet, and while they won't necessarily lead to the insidious weight gain that a standard American grain-based diet would, it can be hard, if not impossible, to reach and maintain a low body fat % while eating copious amounts of fat + nuts ad libitum.

          Also, if hunger is one of your main issues, try bulking up your meals with more vegetables. On my non training days I run at a caloric deficit, so I'm bound to be a bit hungry, but by eating a huge salad (along with some fatty cut of steak or something) as my second meal and drinking lots of water, I usually stay sated until bed time.

          Hope that helps a bit!


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            My problem is that I am never hungry. I don't eat because I'm hungry...I eat because it's there..and thank G-d we dejunked the house but if you eat a ton of veg in a day you are going to gain weight. Let alone a chocolate bar etc...
            I'm usually very good about having a ball park figure of how much I have eaten. I really do get the fats in and eat my veggies. I know I exercise and work off a lot of what I eat.

            It's just weekends and social gatherings that derail me.

            Today was good. I didn't feel like eating supper so skipped it.

            Thanks for your replies. I guess I'm going to have to figure this one out eventually.


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              For me it took a change in the way I look at food. It used to be something I would do to kill time, or make myself feel better, or socialize. Now, it's fuel for a machine, the most beautiful machine in the world to me, my body. There's a lot to be said for keeping the spirit happy too, but realizing that doing that at the expense of my physical health wasn't worth it. I guess there's really no easy way to make that change, it happened over time for me. But I found new hobbies, better ways to spend my time, better ways to keep myself happy, and I kept working on my self control. I still have slip ups, but I never let myself fall off the wagon all the way, I just drag a toe over the side every once in a while :-P

              Food for thought. Hopefully it's some help.


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                You need to look at your weekends and examine for eating / binge triggers. We can't do that for you.

                Eat real food before going to social gatherings so you aren't hungry.


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                  Are you afraid to lose weight? Get under a certain weight (for a lot of women it is ONEderland) and then every single day thereafter something non-Primal is just flying into your mouth before you know it? Got one foot on the gas pedal and the other foot on the brake?

                  Or is this just "I was at a party and the cake was there"?

                  Two different planets.
                  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                    Wow, food for thought. Maybe I am afraid of the new me. I'm not used to being skinny. At work that's my new nickname and I really do get a lot of people relying on my advice. Maybe I 'm scared of being blamed if they slip up so I slip up myself.

                    My weekends are full of cooking on the Friday and on Saturday we go to the synagogue and eat. I don't usually have a problem with real food I don't buy anything with more than 3 ingredients in it. No highly processed foods in our house. We are slowly but surely getting rid of sweeteners.

                    I just made my family granola (no oats) and granola bars so that we don't have to buy that stuff of course I tasted it...but didn't go nuts (no pun intended).
                    The funny thing is I find it easy to stay away from foods I don't eat (grains especially) but not portion controlling what I do eat. I guess it's going to take a lot longer.

                    I was never more than 20 pounds overweight. I'm 6 pounds away from my higher goal and only 10 pounds away from the lowest goal.

                    My body composition is good. I'm in the low range for body fat and high range for muscle so will just try and figure out what I do that makes me derail.

                    I also know that I can have one piece of chocolate (86+ %) one day and not want or touch anymore but the following day I will need to finish the I need to just stay away or learn to control.

                    Part of my problem with Atkins is once I'm on phase 3 which took me forever to move to I found it hard to be the judge of how much to eat and when.

                    I'm not convinced about IF. I have a funny feeling that our body wants us to fuel it constantly and that when I do IF the next day I more than make up for it.

                    I do have a new ;-) primal friendly foods. At least my family and friends benefit.

                    Thanks for replying every little helps.


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                      OK one day to weekend...Need to think what to do to avoid stressing about food.

                      Oh it's a fast day Saturday so that helps a bit. It's Yom Kippur. Let's see if I can get back on track with that ;-).

                      Thanks for your suggestions. I think I need to start focusing on my health. This WOE has given me a lot more than weight loss and maybe I'm afraid that the new me is too assertive, competitive and perceived to be threatening (I think my boss feels that enough said).

                      Thanks for helping me think things through.


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                        Yep I get the same. Amazing how many overweight, bloated people suddenly become diet experts. The 'handy' diet advice and concern about what I choose to eat and fat I've lost has been quite surprising.