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    Hi, all, from the fockin-new-guy

    Been lurking around MDA and the forums for a couple weeks now...figured i might as well make the obligatory intro thread after posting in the obligatory intro thread

    wait, what?

    anyhow, some base info about me:
    41yo and 199#
    5'11" tall
    wst 38
    ch 42
    r-arm 12.5 no flex/14.5 flexed
    l-arm 12.5 no flex/14 flexed
    r-thigh 22
    l-thigh 22
    hips 41

    i'm not sure my bf%...have been using the accu-measure bf calipers and going with the 1spot check...that tells me around 11.8%...however, at my measurements, <some site i can't remember> told me 23% or so

    my story:
    from feb 2004 -> dec 2009 i did nothing but work, drink and play warcraft; and, when i wasn't working i was drinking more and playing jan 2010 i decided i needed some help to get the drinking under control...i started taking naltrexone to curb the cravings...the last recorded weight was 246# and was taking pills for high blood pressure and cholesterol...i've been alcohol free since jan 2010...i do have the occasional non-alcohol beer (or 4) on the weekends (football season was always a "reason to drink" as if i needed any more reasons to drink...bleh)

    in feb 2010 i started going to the rec center april 2010 i was going 2-3 times a week...mainly, i was just swimming; but on saturdays i was also cycling and finishing up with some yoga

    anyhow, in april i found the beachbody suite of workouts...i did a round of p90x from final weight was @ 195#...the body fat calipers said around 15-18% but, not sure how accurate that was

    from aug 2010 through jul 2011 i went through a series of illnesses and injuries, including almost dying in nov 2010 from some respiratory complications...code blue, anyone? ugh

    along the way i re-gained 15# or so...up to 210#-ish...i've been struggling with nutrition for some time...i've done high prot/med carb/low fat, med prot/high carb/low fat...finally, in aug 2011 it was suggested to cut carbs down to a high prot/low carbs/low fat (bascially, 50/25/25)...then i got a bout of diverticulitis in late aug and was on a liquid diet for a couple weeks...the combination of the low carb then the diverticulitis put me @ 200# at the beginning of sep 2011

    it was about 3 weeks ago that i found MDA...i've since changed my macro ratio to low prot/low carb/high fat (25/25/50)...i'm enjoying some aspects of this lifestyle a lot, and other aspects not so much...i do love my bread and having a slice with butter with meals (ok, maybe 2 slices)...but, i have been "pretty good" so far...i have cut out grains a lot, with the occasional fiber one bar here and there...i ain't too keen on wasting money so i'll work my way through the pack of bars i bought over the next couple weeks and then be done with them

    i am down to around 100g carbs/prot a day and learning to try new things (read: fruits and veggies)...but, i have a looooong way to go...

    i'm waiting for TPB book to show up this coming week...order status = "shipped" so i should have it tues/wednesday (i hope)

    anyhow, looking forward to learning a lot from this community; and, hopefully, making some friends too

    thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read