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    Just wanted to say Hi. I just started eating primal on September 19th which really just consisted of giving up all grains(I had been dabbling in giving up grains as of Sept 1, but kept cheating). I'm working on becoming more primal. I initially gave up grains due to my husband needing to give them up, but also in hopes that it would help me lose some weight. I am 5'7 and started at 182lbs(just had baby #4 in May). I'm not even two weeks in and I'm down 7 lbs. I did get a cold the first week, but since recovering from it I have had an increase in energy which has been great. I hope to continue to see changes in my weight, energy and mental clarity.

    I decided to take things one at a time, though we had all ready been eating mostly organic produce, wild game and fresh caught salmon, and good fats. I'm hoping taking the grains out will make it easier to tackle the sweet tooth, which since going grain free now consists of Guittard Chcocolate chips and homemade grain free brownies and sugar in my tea. Any ideas for beating the sweet tooth?

    Thanks and looking forward to learning more about primal living.

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    Hi AKmom--Some people claim filling your sweet tooth with good fats helps. I'm not a sweets person so I'm really very little help. I just wanted to say hi and that I adore your state. Welcome!
    kiss = keep it simple, sister!


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      To a certain extent, you just have to fight your way through eliminating sugar and cutting way back on carbs for a few days. Getting enough protein and good fat help but you are doing that.

      Welcome and good luck!
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