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Hoping to start my Primal Challenge tomorrow

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  • Hoping to start my Primal Challenge tomorrow

    Where do I start? That is the ultimate question. I've been reading MDA and I have all the books and even tried a Paleo diet for 30 days and yet here I am, overweight, feeling poisoned yet not knowing how to start. What are the barriers?

    Ultimately I am here seeking accountability. I have struggled with weight all my life and do need to lose a few pounds. I won't go into all the details of my health problems/struggles...suffice to say that I need to lose weight, get healthy and stop this downward spiral.

    I'm sure you get a lot of questions about where to start and I've read through the steps over and over and even considered doing the challenge, but didn't get past Day 1.

    Well, tomorrow is October 1st and I am hoping to start Day 1 again.

    I hope I can find some support here!

    In my effort to not give too much info, I feel like I haven't given enough. I'm a 38 year old female, 5'3" and 167 lbs thereabouts. I recently went on one of those HCG diets and dropped down to 148 lbs, but steadily gained it back over the last 6 months....starvation makes you lose weight, but you don't keep it off.

    I am wanting to apply the principles of the Primal Fitness. I do like to lift heavy things and I would like to use play for more activity. Actually, I've recently started golf lessons and tomorrow I start Scuba the play part is definitely okay...just have to start more of the other fitness.

    My biggest downfall is desserts....sugar and salt. Deadly combination. Not to mention the flour for the dessert!

    So there's more info. I'm hoping to be good tomorrow and Monday will truly be the real test. Next two days I'll be in class, so being primal is going to be iffy....but I want to start somewhere.
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    Hi zeefraugette! Welcome!

    I'm afraid you just have to fight your way through getting off sugar and grains. Pamper yourself with all the yummy primal foods like steak, bacon, butter, etc. Keep your carbs under 100 grams/day, but if they have to be potatoes and other starchy vegetables, do it.
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      Bienvenidos...Purge your pantry and fridge of anything that will tempt you. Replace it with Primal goodness! Try sweet potatoes n butter. This is a great replacement for SAD crap! Good luck to you, and hold your Grok High:-)

      p.s. for weight loss, 50g or less is better with the carbs.
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        Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions!

        Hard to be truly Primal today because I had to go to a full day of scuba class and that will be tomorrow as well. Did ham and eggs for breakfast, so that was okay there and drank water all day, but couldn't do a primal lunch or dinner. Was in the pool for scuba training for 4 hours. It was physically taxing, but not to the extent of running or triathlons, but still a drain on the body. Definitely classifies for "play" though in the primal way of living.

        Plan to have ham and eggs again for breakfast and a healthy lunch and dinner....will try to go higher with the percentage of primal eating starting Monday.