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Army Wife w/Fibro and CFS going Primalicious!

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  • Army Wife w/Fibro and CFS going Primalicious!

    HI All. I'm Deila. Fairly new to Primal although VERY educated on Atkins WOE. Went primal about 3 weeks ago when I found that being a hunter/gatherer fit better as a piece of my *Life Puzzle*.

    So far, going Grok has helped my FMS and CFS tremendously! Eating high levels of protein and fat has helped my muscles and exhaustion SO much! It is amazing.

    I had been almost bedridden for 3 years (combination of illness and pregnancy) and ended up gaining almost 100 pounds (from the pregnancy, different *guinea pig* medications (with awful side effects) and eating badly).

    Within the last 2 months I've finally gotten into a med regime that has given me the ability to function like a *normal* person (those who have FMS/CFS will understand what I'm saying) and I am ready to do the things needed to make me a more healthy and active Grokette.

    With my husband deployed, I really am looking for some support and friends with whom I can chat with and who will give me a boot in the butt. It would be awesome to have a weight loss buddy(ies) and/or workout buddy(ies) or another older parent :::coughcough41coughcough::: with young kids (my son is 2.5).

    Hope all is well in YOUR Grokin World!
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    (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))) I've had fibro/CFS/Chronic EBV since I was 17, and IBS my whole life, so I totally get what you are saying. Going off gluten was HUGE for me, even though it was so hard. I find that beef, mostly commercial beef, and nightshades can cause inflammation as well. Some days I feel like I can't eat anything and other days I cannot believe how amazingly satisfying a salad and fish can be.

    I'm also a mom. I have one child, but believe me, she's enough! She is very energetic, bouncing off the walls. She is only 4, but can easily run a half-mile and then hop another half home. Somedays I cannot do much and we watch movies all day- enter mommy guilt.

    Things are getting better. :-)

    PS I grew up a Navy brat, so I totally get the military lifestyle. Thankfully, we were able to travel as a family, so my dad was never gone very long.
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      OI I know what you mean about an energetic kiddo. Yesterday was the first time in 3 years I could actually take a walk... walked my son to day care while he rode his bike (7/10ths of a mile), he did his usual pre school run around inside and outside... and I STILL had to *beat* him into submission to go to sleep before 10PM!!! LOL

      Also, the *Mommy Guilt* is horrible huh? For those days, I had made sure I had a gate built into our wall so that I could block off the majority of the house, and had locks installed on all the doors, so that Zee wouldn't get into anything while I was bedridden. I still have those days once in a GREAT while.... but not as often and not as bad either.

      The other day I did 3 loads of laundry, cooked dinner and did the dishes afterward, played *chase* through the house with Zee... then called my mom and bawled my eyes out because it dawned on me that I had done ALL THOSE THINGS in the same day!

      I, too, am a Navy brat (both parents) and all 3 brothers went into the military. I don't know a civilian way of living. Right now hubby is in Qatar (his 6th!!!!! deployment) and won't return until February 2012. I am hoping we will be able to return to Ft Campbell, KY because I need to live somewhere the seasons change. El Paso is one big hot sunny desert where everything is brown!!!!

      Glad to meet you and I hope your FMS/CFS gets better!
      If you do not stand behind your military, feel free to stand in front of them!

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        Welcome Della. I hope primal goes great for you.
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