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Recovering Vegan in Arizona!

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  • Recovering Vegan in Arizona!

    Hello hello!

    A buddy of mine convinced me to switch from my vegan ways to eating Primal last week. Thought I would start posting. Hello.

    I am 6'8" and managed to go from 532 lbs. to 485 in a year of veganism. A week into this Primal diet, I am down to 467.

    Plus, I had forgotten how much I love bacon.

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    Bacon is a cure for many things around here.


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      I have often said that the world would be a happier place if EVERY SINGLE PERSON had to eat at least one slice of bacon.

      Also, quick question. Has ANYONE ever heard of someone who tried bacon and DIDN'T like it?
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        Welcome! It's great to have you here. Feel free to ask lots and lots of questions.