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  • Something about my goals

    I'm 76 years old man just starting out on my primal voyage. For several years I've avoided gluten and refined carbs, however, I've also been avoiding fats, but I'm prepared to turn completely around on this subject. I'm currently about 5 pounds under weight and I'm a little concerned about whether I can gain some weight while going primal.

    My motivations in going primal are all health related. I hope to improve my insulin sensitivity by keeping my blood glucose level below 90 24/7. I hope by remaining in a constant state of ketosis to reduce my incidence of heart arrhythmias and also to hopefully reduce my chances of developing Alzheimer's Disease.

    Its not clear to me yet what the sentiments of this forum are with regard to maintaining a constant state of ketosis, but I'm sure I'll find out in short order.


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    Welcome, Josiah! Congratulations on starting your primal voyage.

    From what I understand, if you want to gain healthy weight, improve insulin sensitivity, and get all the good hormones flowing in your bloodstream, one of the very best things is lifting weights. You'll find a ton of advice on these forums, but Mark has a great post on the subject here:

    How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle | Mark's Daily Apple

    Ketosis can be great, and I enjoy it myself, but as for a constant state of ketosis, my understanding is that it's not optimal. The body does rely on carbohydrate for certain things like mucus production and Vitamin C recycling, and it seems reasonable to give your liver a break from gluconeogenesis once in a while. You can read a lot about that here:

    Perfect Health Diet Dangers of Zero-Carb Diets, I: Can There Be a Carbohydrate Deficiency?

    Very glad to have you with us. I hope you will stick around and let us know how your journey progresses.


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      Welcome Josiah! Your story is similar to mine except that I need to lose some weight. I'm 68.

      I echo what Timothy wrote. There is no need to be in ketosis all the time, but maybe until you get your glucose where you want it.
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