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6 weeks in - loving the health but where's the weight loss? HELP!

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  • 6 weeks in - loving the health but where's the weight loss? HELP!

    I have been very overweight since I was 20 and am now 37. I lost 100 pounds 5 years ago on a liquid low carb diet and kept off for 1 year but then ALL of the weight came back on. I have tried low carb before but only ever stuck to it for a few weeks. In august this year at 262 pounds I started on a low carb diet after reading protein power and primal blueprint and am totally convinced about the health benefits. I have been on this for 6 weeks now and lost 10 in the first 2 weeks but have not lost 1 pound since! I eat around 90-110 grams of protein a day, less than 15g of carbs a day and about 1000 cals of good fat a day. I drink about 3lt of water a day, no caffeine or any other drinks other than water. No sugar substitue and I am very good at reading labels and measuring food vegetables to ensure I do not go over carbs and only eat low gi vegetables and no fruit.

    My calorie intake a day is about 1300 - 1700 depending on the day.

    I think this is a pretty strict! I do not take any medication I am not premenopausal and walk about 30 mins every day and do kick boxing 3 x 1hr
    sessions a week.

    I have missed some breakfasts sometimes or breakfast and lunch on others and eater higher on other days.

    The only 'treat' I eat is at the weekend I make a dark chocolate mouse with 1 square of 80% dark chocolate egg and double cream.

    I do eat dairy but this is only the cream in the mouse at the weekend, butter for cooking with and the occasional cream sauce and some slices of Brie a few days a week as a snack.

    I eat- tuna, chicken, pork, beef, prawns, eggs, good sausages, bacon, cheese, cream, broccoli, asparagus, spring onion, garlic, tomatoes (in the chili) spinach, salad leaves, cauliflower (mash), leaks, full fat Mayo, cream cheese (in sauces) as my staple foods and I cook and prepare it all at home. I also drink the occasional protein shake.

    What can I be doing wrong? I am sure some might say just be patient! I feel great on this diet and have no intention of going back to hi carb as I have never felt better but it is frustration at over 100 pounds over weight to not loose in 3 weeks when I am so near the beginning and did loose at first. I have checked and re checked quantities and carb count and am taking all the supplements suggested by dr meads. My family are all on the diet and it is working for everyone of them and all the success stories show easy at the beginning.

    I love reading this site and all the success stories, I have mda app for daily updates - you all inspire me so much. I know I need to do more on the heavy weights and 'sprinting' but I thought that with over 100lbs overweight and with the ex eddies I do do that I would not stall this early. Does anyone have any suggestions oh wise groks?

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    I am no expert but at your weight and exercise level I would question if you are actually eating enough? Could you share some days menus? However, I would also say that the scales aren't really the best indicator of success...are you taking measurements, do you clothes feel any looser?
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      I second that - you might not be eating enough. Try to google your BMR and then google Harris-benedict equation and estimate how many calories you burn daily. I would not want you having more than a 1000 calorie deficit daily, and I think you are past that with all your exercise. If you up the calories, do it with fats, not more proteins. FWIW, those are my suggestions.


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        Thank you both for the advice you have given - I will definitely check out my BMR and see if that is the issue - it still is so hard to believe that eating more could solve it as I was not 'low' calories but as you say it may be the difference between my BMR and outputs! I have gone down in size a little but again this was only in the first three weeks and nothing has changed in the last three weeks!

        However I am definatley not giving upnand feel so great on it there is nothing else I want to do, just want to ensure I am doing all that I can. Here hoping this is a tuff start to a great journey! Many thanks and look forward to speaking to you again some time!


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          In addition to those great tips...Remember to be patient(yeah, I'm sure you've heard this before. But it is the truth). Your body is going through a major transformation, and will need time to adjust to this type of living. If you read some of the success stories and posts on this site, you will see that each of us is different, and that our bodies lose/gain at different increments. Instead, gauge how you feel. i.e. energy, body comp, etc...Primal really works! Rock Out with your Grok Out!
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            Thanks soccerGrok! Do you know I think that is just what I needed to hear! It is what I am hoping is the case as I really enjoy this lifestyle and am determined to keep on groking! I suppose it is hard to believe that it is just a case of time as having had a weight issue most of my life it has always been about what I am doing wrong instead of right! most of the stories I have read talk about the fat melting off them at the beginning. I was hoping that someone who struggled at the start would tell me the how it just took a few weeks and it all clicked into place!
            But thanks but your post has calmed me a little along with the advice from the others. Many thanks xxx