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  • Hi from Santa Monica

    Hi everyone -

    Just registered, and wanted to say hi to everyone here -

    I feel so lucky I stumbled upon MDA while doing a search on sprinting and interval training. I've tried the Paleo Diet, but did not see it as a lifestyle change, just a dietary change. I was already jogging, and doing interval training (sprints, mixed with walking), however - I wasn't including resistant training in my workouts.

    After reading a ton of posts here (in particular the personal success stories), I was moved to go out and buy 'The Primal Blueprint'. That didn't stop me from starting eating primal immediately. I immediately noticed changes. Energy levels increased and were consistent, hunger levels dropped, and I dropped around 6lbs of fat within the 1st 2 weeks. I just started including the Primal Fitness philosophy in my workouts, and feel even better.

    I work in visual effects in the Santa Monica area, and eating well and exercising is incredibly important, due to the long hours, sometimes going weeks without a day off. Also, there is always junk food around and available. It's an incredibly unhealthy environment, and you can see the damage it's causing artists who don't take a proactive approach to their health.

    I'm still learning, trying to catch up on the posts on the main site, and will start digging here for more specific answers to questions I might have.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.



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    Welcome Matt! Been here a few months myself.
    Grass Fed Beef Restaurants


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      Hello to everybody! I am Edgar from USA.
      A friend tell me about this site and i see is really good.
      I am looking forward to learning and sharing from the community.
      Nice to meet with you!!!


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        Thanks, Scotty!

        Hey, Edgar!


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          Hi Matt, I'm about half an hour down the coast from you. Welcome to MDA! Make sure to read through all Mark's articles and search there first for answers. The forums are nice, but many people do their own things and have differences of opinion on how to eat and work out. That's good information, but reading the basics is a good foundation of knowledge.
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            Just wanted to say hi since you're close by. I'm in San Diego.


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              Welcome, Matt! You might be the first person I've seen on this forum who is in my actual neighborhood. I was born in SM and live only a couple miles away.

              Two unique local resources you may or may not have tried yet:

              1) Santa Monica Farmer's Market on Third Street. Best local source of beef and eggs I've found, among other things, ever since Rawesome got raided.
              2) The "tarzan rings" just south of the pier. This is my favorite primal workout in all the world.

              Hope you like what you see at MDA and decide to stick around!


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                HillsideGina - thanks, yeah - I read through a lot of the articles, on the site - particularly the basics. I bought Mark's book(s), and am almost finished with "The Primal Blueprint".

                Tricialisha - Hi! San Diego is beautiful, love to go down and visit from time to time...

                Timothy - was that you running in the Vibram's today? Hahaha.... Thanks for the tips - I know the Famer's market on 3rd is on Wednesday/Saturday, correct? I haven't hit it up yet, but will tomorrow!!

                Thanks everyone!