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    I've been reading the forums since March and started in June. I've lost 15 pounds so far. I have a lot more to lose but I don't mind doing this slowly as I want it to be something I can do forever. I guess I'm about 80% primal. I'm gluten intolerant and have know that for years but have only seriously avoided it for a year or so as it is super difficult to do in Japan. All soy sauce has wheat in it and soy sauce is in practically everything here. I read ingredients all the time to try to avoid it but I'm sure I eat it sometimes.

    Being in Japan, I do eat sushi sometimes as well as Japanese sweet potatoes. I have no idea about grass fed anything as it doesn't seem to be labeled as such here. Eating out is super difficult for me -even before eating this way due to the wheat issue. I actually carry my own wheat free soy sauce in my bag with me at all times in case I go for sushi, sashimi or yakiniku (Korean bbq). Those are safest things to eat for me.

    I love how I feel eating this way. I love the forums and I love the Friday success stories. One in particular changed my life. I read about a woman and her issues with FODMAPs. Not having a clue about it I read up about it and realized that this was an issue for me. It explains why after eating yakiniku (grilled meat) I had to run to the toilet -I knew it wasn't wheat as I made my own sauce at the table. Turns out onions aren't my friend (grilled onions are so yummy) and too much garlic hurts too! It also explains why apples make me feel crappy. So, at the moment I'm still trying to figure out what veggies are safe and I avoid most fruit (just feel better not eating it).

    Anyway, I thought I should introduce myself and to say thanks for all the great information on the forums!

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    Welcome sofia...Great work so far. You will find this lifestyle(not a diet) will do amazing things for you. Rock Out with your Grok Out!:-)
    Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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      Kikkoman makes a gluten free soy sauce using rice flour instead of wheat but I don't know if it's available in Japan.
      Recipes, Cooking Products and More for Home Cooks - Kikkoman : Products | Gluten Free Soy Sauce
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        Thanks for the welcome and the info. The funny thing, while I can't purchase gluten free soy sauce at the supermarket in Japan, I can buy it online, from a health food site started by an American living in Japan. The soy sauce is made in Japan but apparently not easily available here. In any case, I'm glad I can buy it!