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Been primal for 3 years and can't lose body fat.

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  • Been primal for 3 years and can't lose body fat.

    Hi everyone, I am hoping someone can give me advice to my problem.

    My partner and I are avid paleo followers. we train crossfit and do a lot of walking and lead an active lifestyle. My diet is only kangaroo, wallaby, vegetables especially greens and pumpkin, sweet potato defiantly no white starches, defiantly no grains/wheat or diary. although I do have a soy decaf coffee maybe 3-4 times a week. I was eating raw nuts but have dropped them because I am seeing no results in my weight loss. I do have 80% dark chocolate but its two pieces maybe 4 times a week and if I have dessert its a bowl of blueberries with two tablespoons of sheeps yoghurt.I have no more than 3 glasses a wine a week and only red but some weeks it can only be 1 or 2. I eat grass fed butter and coconut oil to cook with and this would be no more than 1-2 tablespoons a day. It seems like I can't lose the body fat and I want to know from you what I am doing wrong, as its frustrating that I read so many success stories and I believe I follow the paleo blueprint almost 100!
    % it is defiantly 90%. Please advice would be much appreciated. I don't eat any other fruit, my diet is meat, and vegetables at the moment and I have also cut out snacks. I must be doing something wrong. I have not done IF so I will try that and I do not sprint, but crossfit workouts are sprints in them selves and I do these 4-5 times a week. Thanks guys much appreciated.

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      I'm wondering if you get enough saturated fat, since kangaroo is very lean. It tells your body that hunting is good so you don't need to store fat. I would for sure replace the soy milk with heavy cream. Maybe try eliminating the sweet potato.
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        It sounds like you are in a pretty good routine, but something must be holding up progress. Have you tried tracking a few days worth of diet to get an idea of the macro nutrient breakdown? (fat/protein/carbs)


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          What's your height and weight, and how much do you want to weigh?
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            Yes, we need more information, and you need to get more precise (for yourself, not for us). My offhand guess is overtrained and undernourished.

            Many people have the experience of thinking they're relatively on track but finding out when they track every morsel going into their mouths that they are way off base, especially nutritional-balance-wise. Cut out the soy, nuts, chocolate, and wine for a couple of weeks or 30 days. Write down or log everything you eat, and all of your training and activity for at least a week.

            If you're (over)training and not eating fat or enough calories, your body may be desperately holding onto every fat cell just as it happens with CW dieters who are restricting calories to malnutrition levels.

            There's a balance to this way of life and it sounds like you need to experiment a little more broadly to find your best approach. Add more variety where you can. Eat more fat. Make sure you're not falling into the chronic cardio stress trap. Sprint a little, rest a lot. Play! How's your sleep? Etc. etc. Overhaul the whole package, don't focus just on (lean) meat and veg!
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              I am just about to do that. I have signed up to Fit Day I am unsure of how much fat to eat though in grams per day. I weigh 60kg and height is 176cm. I hold the body fat around my stomach. Actually if your had seen the last post on Marks with Paula who was 50 and stored fat around stomach and bum area, that is me...


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                Hi I am 176cm tall and weigh 60kg. I want to weigh 57-58kg but lean muscle mass. At the moment I am carrying a lot of body fat around stomach area.


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                  Thank you for your advice. I am going to do this. I have joined Fit Day to track the food, how much is to much fat??? What should I be aiming on in grams of fat. Your advice is great thanks


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                    you're 5'9" and 132 lbs and want to lose weight? It is probably hard because you are already thin. Also high cortisol levels can increase bellyfat and crossfit programming can sometimes lead to this.


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                      Originally posted by Melody View Post
                      you're 5'9" and 132 lbs and want to lose weight? It is probably hard because you are already thin. Also high cortisol levels can increase bellyfat and crossfit programming can sometimes lead to this.

                      How's your sleep?
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