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Any mature primal women out there?

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  • Any mature primal women out there?

    I read lots of great information given by younger women about their primal lifestyles. I am 53yr with three kids. Anyone out there that can relate?

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    I'm 52, 2 kids grown and gone. Primal has without a doubt given me a new lease on life.


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      Most would say I'm a bit immature, but I'm 46 with 2 semi-grown kids.

      Primal has been very good to me.


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        I am just starting the Primal 30 day Challenge today. I am 46 with 2 semi-grown kids too. I have dabbled in Paleo for about 3 months with no luck in the weight issue.

        September 12, 2011 - 164.3 lbs and unknown BF, the last time I checked it was about 6 months ago and it was about 26%.

        The question i have is that I had a hysterectomy about 6 years ago and this seems to be my lingering pudge that I can't get rid of....will Primal help me in this area? Have y'all had this problem too?


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          There are several mature women here. In fact there's a thread for "gals over 50":

          BTW, I'm 54 with 3 adult children (25,21,21).


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            I'm 60!! whoo hooo. been "sort of" primal for a while now, am doing the challenge to tighten up the diet, perhaps tighten me up at the same time.