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  • Hello!

    Hi everyone! My name is William and I am 24 years old, I was never into eating healthy or fitness of any kind until I found this site last year. My main interests before this was mostly stuff like computer games and clubs.

    When I found this site in february 2010 my weight was around 185 lbs at a 6 feet frame and I was very weak and flabby and didn't care much about sleeping and such. I read around quite a bit on the website and thought to myself "hmmm, this makes sense I should try it". So I decided to do so.

    The next day I fasted until 6pm and ate a big steak with some broccoli and salad and before I went to bed some nuts and omega 3 washed down with some water. When I woke up after my 8 hour sleep I didn't feel tired at all and I continued to eat primal the following days, I felt so energized the first 3-4 days. At the 4th day I started to feel kinda tired and continued to feel that feeling for a couple of days but I powered through, after all I knew you could get some carb flu. After some more days that feeling was gone and I felt strong and energized again.

    Over the next weeks and months I lost so much weight, even if I didn't workout at all...I just walked more. In the beginning of june I was down to 140 lbs and pretty ripped and very skinny, over the summer I was out in the sun and at the beach with my sweater off for the first time since i was like 12 years old (before I got bitch tits, they are long gone now) it was great feeling the sun on my body and swim in the ocean again! So during the summer I mostly did some swimming and pick up basket or soccer.

    At the end of july 2010 I was down to 135lbs and far to skinny so I decided to workout in a more regular way and add some milk to the mix (I know it's not super primal but I have no problems with drinking milk.) I started to do some bodyweight training 2-3 times a week and 1 day of sprinting if I felt for it.
    And in the middle of september 2010 I was up to 150 lbs.

    Here is a picture, sadly I don't have any pictures of my body when I was fat and flabby at 185lbs.

    First one is me at 135lbs and the last one at 150lbs. As you can see its pretty lean mass that I gained

    A short time after this I thought that I gained weight to slow so I started to eat junk food again, i gained 15 more pounds up to a weight of 165lbs but a lot of it was fat. I did enter the kettlebell at that time with the 16kg kettlebell and gained both strength and muscle...but like I said also fat. I was done with enter the kettlebell in february or so this year.

    After that I started to do 40 day strength by dan john, eating primal again. I lost 13 lbs(down to 152lbs), got ripped and looked pretty good and gained a lot of strength but I wanted more mass so after that I did mass made simple also by dan john, I started to eat junk food yet again and gained 15 lbs up to a weight of 167 lbs. I ate better than I did when I did enter the kettlebell so I didn't gain as much fat.

    After I did mass made simple I started to do program minimum for a couple of months and now I am doing enter the kettlebell with the 24kg kettlebell. I have been eating pretty clean the last weeks and will start eating primal again now and continue doing enter the kettlebell.
    Visit my website about fitness and health, would love some input .

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    Welcome William. Great story.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Good luck to you William...Love me some Kettlebells:-) Grok On!
      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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        @Hedonist Thank you very much!

        @SoccerGrok Ty! Yea kettlebells are awesome, I really like em but just lifting weights bodyweight training and sprinting is great as well!
        Visit my website about fitness and health, would love some input .