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Did you say hello? No I said 'ello but close enough.

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  • Did you say hello? No I said 'ello but close enough.

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking for around a month or so, but just decided to jump in about a week and a half ago. I'm interested in primal because I've never been a fan of the chemical rich junk I see people shoveling down every day.

    I'm not really that overweight. I don't drink soda, boxed food, eat candy or like sweets that much. Moving to primal is more of a health decision for me than a weight loss decision, but if losing weight is a part of it then who's complaining?

    I'm 6'1 and I started at 185. I'm sitting at 180 now and dropping. I started getting more concerned with my health when I started getting scary close to 200lbs last year. At my worst I weighed 198. I decided to do something about it and started exercising and rock climbing with some friends.

    I was in my best shape in October, 175lbs and feeling stronger than ever, but I took a fall while climbing and wound up with a borderline 3rd degree sprain on my left ankle. I was told not to do anything with the ankle that might cause it to roll again or I'd likely have to have surgery. Since I don't have health insurance I took this seriously and wound up having to sit out on any physical activity for three months as per doctors orders.

    I went back up to 180 during this time, but worked back into the high 170's by chronic cardio on an elliptical while wearing a brace. Then I moved to LA in May. I got a little carried away with all the amazing food there and went back to 185.

    So here I am, back in school, starting to climb again and thoroughly enjoying primal living despite a mild case of the carb flu.

    Thanks for this amazing resource.

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    Nice Labyrinth ref welcome!


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      i still answer the phone with "ello." no one ever gets it, lol. welcome!
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