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Spiders first day in.

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  • Spiders first day in.

    Hey everyone.

    I'm spidersandguns you can call me Spider or just James if you prefer.
    I'm from the United Kingdom which has horrible weather and people in horrible shape.
    The first one I can't control but the second is completely upto me. I'm an avid writer so some posts of mine might be quite long, though I hope there never boring.

    My other newly found hobby is video editing which is alot more creative than I thought it would be. I've only made one video so far but that was so much fun I very much expect i'll be making more.
    I'm also thinking of taking up pyrography which would mix well with video editing.

    On the more physical side of things I love walking and training in Senshido. As for running i absolutly detest it. Sprinting on the other hand i've never even tried. So you never know .

    This year i'm focusing on my personal health aswel as starting an open university course to get a degree in psychology.

    So this is all i have to say about myself at the moment hope you enjoyed the long post guys. HaHa.

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    That's quite a unique name for someone in the UK, Spider. (Not so much the spider part, actually.)

    Sprinting is awesome. It can really suck (the wind out of you), but if it does, it's only for a few seconds.

    Pyrography- pictures/images of fire? Fireworks are usually pyrotechnics, I'm pyrokinetic, but shhhhhhh...

    What is the "N" for in your spider and guns image?


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      Hey freak, nice to meet you.

      Surprisingly guns aren't that rare over here in the UK anymore. Gang crime sky rocketed and with that guns started flooding in. Right now it's quite easy to get a gun pretty much anywhere in the UK.

      Pyrography is simply wood burning. You use a heated iron like a soldering gun and burn images on to wood. You get some amazing pieces of art from it which surprised me quite alot. Which you can see in this picture.

      As for your last question the N means 'and'. The reason i used just the letter is it doesn't ruin the flow of the image.

      Cheers for the reply.