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Sorta New out here in Amish Country!

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  • Sorta New out here in Amish Country!

    Greetings all from the land of seven sweets and seven sours--where the rule is one must have both potatoes AND noodles on the dinner table--and the PA Dutch bakeries are found in their finest form! I, personally, live halfway between the locations of the Hershey Corporation (yes, the chocolate mogul) and a Mars candy plant that produces Butterfingers and Dove chocolates. You can, quite literally, smell the chocolate in the air!

    And still, in the name of improved health, I am able to forego all the tasties and temptations. Thankfully, bacon also (being its own food group in my opinion) is served up and welcome aplenty! We have excellent butchers out this way!! And a great real food contingent--you can drive right up to a lot of farms to get real meat, real milk, real eggs and real produce.

    And now about me: I am a type 2 diabetic 21 years now. Normally at the age I was diagnosed (19) a person is a Type 1. But I am not. After MANY years of denial, flip flop diets, and utter failure (with complications having developed with nerve damage and cataracts) I am absolutely off my rocker excited about finding PB! I am about two months in and remain excited that it is only going to get better and better. Heck, maybe even find the love of my life who also groks!

    I watched diabetes kill off my older brother and my mother--both way too young for death--and I am desiring to escape the same fate. One edge I have over both of them is that I spend my time researching what natural substances (herbs, vitamins, and therapies) are beneficial to managing the disease, and employ them. Neither of them did. I take the bare minimum of insulin to keep my blood sugar in target range. I am doing some yoga and Pilates. I visit the chiropractor. And I have been low-carb in one form or another for some years (aside from those inevitable burn outs that happen). Both of them refused to let food be their medicine. I'm working up to a refined exercise program in line with PB. Thanks to my efforts, I am still quite youthful and other areas of my health are ok.

    It's all about me now. It's all about getting the most I can get out of this life. And, quite frankly, it's all about BACON!! (lol) I guess that's my basic story--a little about myself and my motivation. It's just one little piece of the incredibly intricate puzzle of this thing called "me". I look forward to getting to know more friends here--and sharing more of my gifts and treasures also.

    Much love to you all,
    Patti :-)

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      Patti, welcome and be assured that there are many here who share your visions and goals. Going Primal will be one of the greatest adventures you've ever embarked upon:-). Know also, that there is a wealth of knowledge/support in these forums. Rock On with your Grok On!
      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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        mmmm... Amish chicken is the best.


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          Welcome Patti. I'm glad you joined us.
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