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    Hello everyone! I started primal about three weeks ago after a year of being a strict vegan. So far I've felt pretty great. I decided to start this way of life after blood test results showed rock bottom nutrient absorption and a white blood cell count nearly as low as that of someone suffering from leukemia ( even though I was supplementing daily and eating ridiculous amounts of vegetables ). While I have not been exercising as much as I would like to I have felt an increase in strength and stamina. My only concern is a slight weight gain. When I first started primal I weighed about 156 lbs. In the three weeks I have been following primal eating I have gone up to 161 lbs. I am 5' 7" with a very large frame so I am not considered overweight yet; however, I do not want to continue gaining. I'm mainly wondering if a lot of this weight could be from gaining muscle seeing as I have started doing some (not intense) lifting and have gone from eating roughly 30-45 grams of protein a day to eating about 150 grams a day. I have not noticed my clothes fitting any tighter and I feel like I have been losing fat but I can't help being slightly concerned by the rapid weight gain. Any insight is much appreciated!!

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    Welcome! Your body is starved for nutrients after being vegan. You have to rebuild not only muscle but bone density, connective tissue, etc. Don't worry about the scale. Many of us come here from vegan, vegetarian or just conventional wisdom plans (only a playing card deck quantity of meat daily, only x eggs/week, no saturated fat, etc. ad nauseum.) I suggest The Vegetarian Myth by Kierre Keith to understand what veganism has done to your body. (Actually, I suggest it to everyone I meet.)

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      Welcome...Ditch the scale! The only numbers you should be concerned with are the ones on your belt loop/clothes downsizing. Your other numbers will improve greatly once your body starts getting the proper nutrients it has been deprived of. Good luck, and Rock out with your Grok Out!
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        Thanks guys! I guess I kind of knew the scale was full of deceit but I just needed to be told one last time! I appreciate your responses, thanks again!