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Hello! Newby from Scotland!

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  • Hello! Newby from Scotland!

    Hey there,

    Just finished reading the primal blueprint - very interesting reading...have started to try out the lifestyle. Food consumption is generally ok, but too much alcohol still!

    can't get my head around the exercise plan - I play rugby which seems to combine the lift heavy things/sprint known and then exercises. Don't know if this is sufficcient (two training sessions and one game per week). Any ideas?


    Your location: Peebles

    Age (If you want): 30

    How Primal are you: hmmm, 50%????

    Do you consume dairy: moderately

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Coffee - lots!

    Motivator for switching to Primal: weight loss

    Favorite exercise: mountain biking

    Favorite Primal food: Meat - of any description!

    Best part about being Primal: eating lots of meat!

    Worst part about being Primal: inconvenience if badly organised (i.e. me!)

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    Hi...and welcome (although I'm fairly new myself!). There seem to be quite a few of us from Scotland joined recently.
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      Hi - good to see some fellow Brits - I just joined the forum today.


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        Hi Danny,

        Welcome to PB!!
        I couldn't help but notice your location. My dad's family is originally from Peebles and the surrounding area (several generations back, of course - typical American). We spent a week there about 15 years ago when my brother was working on his degree at Glasgow. It was a wonderful visit -- all we could think is how crazy our ancestors were to leave such a lovely place.
        I struggle with the alcohol intake too - enough that I really don't have much room to treat myself with anything else. (at least scotch and bourbon are low in carbs)
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          heyyyy intro'd myself already but will do so again here; was living in glasgow (4 years) and moving to st andrews after an 8-month jaunt in the states. i've been a long time coming to primal - was veggie for 10 years until my current bf was like DAMMIT SERVE ME SOME SAUSAGE, my blood iron was in the toilet, and i ran the loch ness marathon and craved a spear and a steak around mile 18. this spring, while i was away for awhile, i lost 10 lb cutting out grains, and kicking the running for bodyrock interval training. when i went for a visit, the change impressed the lad enough so much that now he's gone totally primal on me! looking forward to going back and having a caveman fridge and kitchen! we're close - not quite 100% yet, still working through a bit of a sugar addiction, but it's the next step and then we can pull each other around by the hair grunting proudly.

          on that note, anyone got suggestions for primal restaurants in Scotland, for when we want to step out of the cave? Stravaigin in Glasgow used to be my fave - probably still is - for locavorism and the like, but any others worth recommending? (possibly even a chippy that uses - gasp! - almond meal?)

          last but not least, we're gonna have to do a meat up sometime or other...


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            Hi Danny. Welcome. I suspect your rugby is plenty. Exercise is to fill in what you don't get from play and work.
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              Just don't forget about walking. Really. It's great for you.

              The rugby is probably good for the sprinting, but I would still recommend taking the PB Fitness test to see where you are at. I thought I was in pretty decent shape (and I was, relatively speaking) when I first took it, but I really found some personal limitations in there.


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                Welcome Danny...Sounds like you're on the right track. As a fellow ex Rugger/ currentsoccer player, I too understand the rigors of too much alcohol. I can honestly say however, that after going primal, you tend to miss it less:-) You're Rugby will vastly improve with the Primal lifestyle. Better speed, strength, and overall energy levels(i.e. endurance). Good luck to you, and Grok On!
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                  Hello from glasgow! Seems to be a few of us scottish folk joining up.


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                    Cheers for the replies guys! Most encouraging! I think that booze is going to be my biggest issue as I love beer and red wine...and sadly like most Scots, not in moderation....


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                      Hey girlarchitect,

                      I grew up in Peebles, but just moved back after a decade away...the last few years being spent in central London. Never appreciated it as a teenager (boring!) but after the madness of London, I love the serenity.

                      Not a big whisky drinker (makes me do silly things...), but will raise a dram to you and your relatives!