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  • Newbie saying hi

    Hello everyone,

    Just joined the forum after weeks of reading here at MDA. Starting going Primal about 3 weeks ago and am seeing differences in myself about 10 pounds already.

    Much to my family's surprise, they were going primal with me.

    My teenage soon had been suffering from allergies which I attributed to gluten after reading about it. So awhile back we cut out as much gluten containing products but keep eating wheat bread and cereal.

    So, today is the 3 week primal mark and I asked him today how he was feeling and he said his headaches have all but disappeared and he is starting to see definition in his ab.

    He's lost 20 pounds and feels great! So when I told him what we are doing, he said, "I knew when the bread and cereal went another change had come and all I could think was "No bread! My life is over!"

    But after watching myself lean out more and I noticed you're getting smaller too, I'm glad you made the change. Thanks Mom!"

    Now my son hardly thanks me for anything, so I'll take it.

    Oh, told my kids the only thing I want for Christmas is the Primal Blueprint and it's on the way! WooHoo!

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    I'm jealous! My 12- and 14-year-olds think we are weirdos for not eating grains any more. They're pretty resistant to the PB way of eating. I am reluctant to force it on them.

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      I really wish my parents had brought me up with primal eating. I wouldn't have the problems I have today if that were the case. Grains and allergies really did damage on my body over time. And doctors were worthless if not counterproductive.


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        Greetings! Yes, I wish my parents had raised me primal as well. I ate Cream of Wheat for breakfast every morning, and now I find wheat rots your teeth. No wonder all my baby teeth needed fillings, and then all of my adult teeth. Oy.

        Sounds like you are well on your way, Neighborhood fit.

        Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
        Current weight: 199
        Goal: 145


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          Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I grew up with the traditional oatmeal, grits and Count Dracula (dating myself here) sugar cereals too. So up until 5 years ago I had been constantly battling the weight "game".

          So now after dropping about 110ish pounds (still 50 to go) I've been in the up and down cycle. Until I found MDA. I've been renewed.

          Oh, Annika when I decided to make the commitment to better my health and fitness, my family had no choice but to go along.

          My kids who at the time I made my commitment were 5 and 12. They went through withdrawal and became kids I didn't recognize. That was really a wake up call to me because they were (and me)addicted to McD & BK and other fast food joints.

          But I held my ground and over time they came around and are now happier healthy kids. Who enjoy all kinds of sports and "good eating." So hold your ground, your kids will thank you - maybe not now but they will later.

          Sorry for the wordy post. :-)