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  • Hip Pain

    Conventional wisdom of MD's say hip cartilage will not heal, regrow,, etc. I understand low carb high fat (good fat) will do the trick. Anybody out there with same mindset etc.?

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    Once cartilage it's torn it's torn. Diet may help reduce inflammation and if pain is caused from that you'll get some relief


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      ^Ditto. My knees started to be a problem in recent years and my mom said it was genetic. Since getting rid of grains, my knees don't hurt anymore and I can feel the weakness as a simple lack of strength rather than a pressure-like uncomfortable feeling or pin-like pain.
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        Ditto on the knee pain(old soccer guy)...Cutting out the grains, sugars, etc... really helped. I also take bovine colostrum, and have had positive results.
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          I started having hip pain 3 years ago. Here's what I did:

          Lost 38 #
          Tried glucosamine
          Water aerobics helped
          Steroid shots
          A ton of antiinflamatory drugs
          Vitamin d3
          Fish oil
          Krill oil
          Evening primrose
          A ton of other $upplements that did not help
          Low carb
          Saw a chiropractor for a bunch of worthless sessions
          Saw a physical therapist for months
          Got reiki done on me
          Saw a sports medicine doctor
          Gave up on my family practitioner
          Switched to a rheumatologist
          Saw 5 surgeons

          Had hip replacement 2 month ago and am thrilled to have my life back!

          The one new thing I have learned that I would try is that Vitamin K2 is a critical element in the way the body forms bone and as best I can tell, cartilage too. I am incorporating K2 into my daily supplements in hopes of not having to lose another body part at the altar of CW.

          D3 cannot do its job without K2. If you have bone issues you need it in miliigram (mg) doses, not micrograms (mcg) which is commonly available. In Japan they use 45 mg a day for osteoporosis, I would treat cartilage issues the same. The only sources I have found for a higher dosage is Ultra K2 from Carlson makes a 5 mg dose. For more info on K2 check this out

          (if you decide to get a hip replacement PM me and I can save you a ton of research - there are hip replacements and then there's a better way. I'm glad I found the better way.)
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