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  • Bay Area Newbie here

    Hi everybody! I've been lurking for a few days but too busy to post. Here's my story:

    About two months ago I started feeling really bad, like heart trouble bad. At 43 and 254 lbs (5'10) it was easy to let the imagination run wild. I went to the doctor and he said I was perfectly healthy for someone my age and weight (BP 105/68, pulse 60) And my blood work has always been good. (exception of blood sugar, which has been slowly creeping up to the top of the 'normal' range) EKG showed perfectly normal. I get a lot of activity through work. I'm considered 'healthy fat'. Nice.

    So he gave me a prescription for an anti-GERD type of med and it worked. So I kept eating crap and feeling crap. And gradually the med didn't work anymore. So that scared me.

    I had discovered MDA a while back and then forgot about it, but thankfully I signed up for the mailing list. After an email from Mark I came back and spent a few hours reading everything. It made sense so I gradually started to shift about three weeks ago. I started by just giving up the fries and beer. Then slowly adding more veg.

    Then last Thursday (8/25) I went whole hog. My small efforts had gotten my weight down to 251.5 and since then I've lost another 9 lbs to weigh in at 242.5. Most days the scale moves 1 lb with a few 2lb days in there. My belt has moved three holes and my shirts that were belly huggers are now loose on me. The puffiness around my face has gone and my indigestion has completely disappeared. I feel like my body change is roughly equivalent to when I lost 20 lbs in the past using CW + p90X.

    I slipped up today and went to my favorite Irish place (McDs) and ate like I used to. Amazing how crappy I feel. Within a half hour of eating my stomach puffed out and my shirt got tight. The tension and irritation in my chest has come back and the skin on my mouth and neck is burning. And my stomach hurts. Sorry stomach!

    Man I don't miss feeling like this all the time. This used to be normal.

    My goal is to get to where my body wants to be. I think that's around 172, or roughly another 70 lbs. I'm a photographer and I love hiking and adventuring. My weight and fitness has become a problem. I'd like to remove that problem.

    The only downside so far is that I do feel a bit tired when I work out and I have really had a lot of trouble sleeping. My wife says that it is probably because my body is working so hard to rid fat that I just can't. I had a constant headache the first few days but I think that was due to giving up the diet coke addiction. Maybe carb flu, IDK.

    I'm eating beef roasts, bacon, eggs, chicken and roast pork with 2 pieces of fruit every day - usually a banana and an orange or apple, and a couple of handfuls of blueberries. Onions, carrots, broccoli and asparagus are my stables for vegetables. I eat tomatoes, though sparingly because I feel like I still have some healing to do on the GERD side of things.


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    Welcome rc...Former Bay Arean, now in Portland area. Sounds like you are on the right track. It's pretty amazing that when you're first starting out and you go to the "Old Stand By's" once in a while, how SHITTY they make you feel. How's your H2O intake? You might reduce the fruit(Orange, apple, etc..) a bit more and replace with berries(more primal). This will help Primal Blueprint Shopping List | Mark's Daily Apple What exercise are you getting in. Download the e fitness book and look at the WOW archives. Good luck to you, and remember, it's a lifestyle change:-) Grok On!
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      Thanks SoccerGrok,

      It is amazing. I was hungry and had to run to the store and of course the McDs is on the way to the I thought, "Only once, how bad could it be?". My gosh!

      I am drinking a lot of water. About 7-8 16 oz glasses a day at least.

      I am almost never hungry and I am eating so little that it kind of scares me, Which is why I have been doing the bananas and oranges. I thought at least I would get some calories.

      This is a typical day: (Suggestions much appreciated)
      2 eggs, 3 slices bacon, handful of blueberries, banana, 1/2 tomato or two-three cherry tomatoes
      Lunch - Tuna Salad (Onions, celery, tomato, real Mayo, Lots of Tuna), Handful of berries
      Dinner - about two fists of organic roast beef with carrots and celery, asparagus

      Snacks - generally a handful of nuts.

      And the lifestyle. YES! This is the lifestyle I want, and have always wanted. I super stoked about that. I do a lot of active things but it's getting to be more and more pain because of my weight and inflammation.



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        Just remember, If you're hungry, eat. If you're not, don't. And don't sweat it:-) Your meals look good. Might try adding some leafy green vegetables to the salad(2 Minute Salad | Mark's Daily Apple). Do you do any protein powders? The weight will definitely come off by being Primal, and don't worry about the slip ups(we all have em). Remember the 80/20 rule, and just get back to being primal again.

        I've been doing this for about a year and a half, and I can honestly say that it really works. Lots of good people around here, with nothing but support and ideas. You'll be doing backflips before you know it:-) Keep up the good work, and Grok On!
        Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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          Feel better today.

          Had GERD all night. I was getting cocky because I was feeling so good.

          Well, after a good primal meal last night and this morning I'm feeling good again apart from a small headache.

          Wife is gone for the weekend so normally it would be pizza, beer and video games

          But that doesn't even appeal to me after yesterday. My treat is that I'm going to go to the organic butcher that has dry aged meat and get a nice fat ribeye and have a ribeye with garlic, butter, onions, red peppers and broccoli. mmmmm....

          As for the backflips...can't wait!



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            Hey there SixPack!

            I'm a bay area-ite noob too! I saw your post and it totally prompted me to sign up and join the forum!

            I'm WAY overweight (5'2" and 260lbs!) and have never been hiking a day in my life! I've started by totally eliminating all fast food, all breads/pastas/non veggie carbs and once I finish off this gallon of milk, that'll be it!

            Know any local places to get good Grass-Fed beef? There was Andronicos up in Walnut Creek, but they're gone now...

            Nice to see you around!
            Down from 275 to 250!
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              Welcome Westly

              Good to have you here. The only grass fed butcher I know of is in Alameda at the marketplace. Park st and Buena Vista. I'm looking for more.

              Have you thought of taking up photography as a hobby? It gets you out moving around and there are so many outlets to share your work and learn that it can be really fun and engaging. A good site to start with is You don't need an expensive camera, you can get good results with an iphone or any modern point and shoot.

              Well, I'm a week in yesterday, I've cheated once with junk food. Started at 251.5 and weighed in today at 241.5. I feel a LOT better even though I haven't really started exercising much yet. I've played golf a few times and that will continue to be my main walking around type of exercise.

              Scary night last night. I ate well yesterday and since I cooked a beef stew with wine I decided to drink the leftover...that's not true, I always planned to drink the leftover

              I had two glasses and got a headache and woke up at four this morning really not feeling good. To the point where I threw up. I got on the forums here and think maybe it's a B-12 deficiency? IDK. I'll start adding a supplement just in case but I don't think I'll be having any alcohol for a while. At least until I feel like everything is stabilized and I'm well on my way to living primally. Maybe after I lose another 50 lbs. Maybe never.



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                Hi RC. Welcome from Sacramento.

                As for grass fed beef, aren't there Whole Foods stores all over the bay area?
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                  Thanks Hedonist!

                  There are Whole foods around. Come to think of it, I think they opened one a few miles from me. I'll have to check it out. I admit I didn't even think of them. Thanks!

                  update: Just got done playing golf. (I walk and carry my clubs) I'm trying to get my game back after a long layoff due to injury. Injury was due to inflammation from CW. If I knew then what I know now I'd be on the PGA tour...But that's another story.

                  Anyway, felt great, even though I was weak from the wine reaction I managed a pretty good score and not as tired as I have been lately. I was thinking about how getting stronger and leaner will help my game......Then I imagined I was stronger and leaner and I started hitting the ball better. Amazing how that works eh?



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                    I might have to give the whole foods a go. There's one in Walnut Creek...I think that if I get a cooler I can make that one of my 'hikes' from the BART station to Whole foods. I think it's like ... a mile or something short like that. Like I said, I'm pretty tubby, so that'd be quite a hike indeed!!
                    Down from 275 to 250!
                    Werewolf Primal Living Blog -
                    Some fact, a lot of fiction! Keep track of my progress there!


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                      @Westly...No need to travel. There's 3 in the city. Frankiln, Potrero Hill, and SoMa...rc, good on ya. Keep up the positive thoughts/work. Grok ON!
                      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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                        So an update. Kept on keeping on and now weigh in a 238.5. To put that in perspective, last time I weighed this much it was after a month of p90x followed by a month of intense heavy labor (We sell Christmas trees) and a bout of food poisoning which put me on a 3-day fast in which I lost nine pounds. Same starting point.

                        I feel stronger now than I did then.

                        Ironically, that food poisoning was part of what got me questioning CW. According to CW if I didn't eat for three days my body would go into starvation mode and then I would gain weight instantly when I started eating again. That didn't happen. I kept that weight off for months of my normal eating until my steady eight gain resumed and took me back up there.



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                          That's awesome rc, keep up the good work. Those backflips are getting closer:-) Grok ON!
                          Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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                            Another bay area dweller, Fairfield here.

                            A few other places to get grass fed
                            Berkeley Bowl
                            Paradise Market
                            El Cerrito Natural Foods
                            Baron's Meats


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                              I'm also in Fairfield. I wish we had more options for Grass Fed closer to home.
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