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    Hey everyone!

    I picked up the Primal Blueprint back in June of this year and went primal the following day. I have been slowly transitioning over the past 3 months and sometimes instead of the 80-20 rule, it was more like 60-40...and still partying and drinking beer...NONETHELESS!

    In June I weighed 219.7lbs at 5'6. I'm stocky and I hid it well, but boy was I a mess! This morning I weighed in at 192.5lbs, which is a loss of 27.2lbs in approx 3 months! The Primal Blueprint has changed my life for the better and I haven't felt this great in years! My next step is to begin to incorporate some Primal Fitness into my life.

    Currently I'm doing the "Couch to 5K" program to prepare for a 5k (obviously!) with friends...I dig this program because it doesn't really feel like the "chronic cardio" Mark has mentioned; it's a 30min run session 3x a week that includes a 5min warmup and 5min cool down. But I wanna supplement my off-running days with some Primal Fitness.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share my story and say hello to all you good people. I hope to contribute to the forums and keep learning!

    PS - any other Primals from Philly? if there isn't already, we should start a Primal hang, so we can imbibe for our 20 and share recipes for the 80!

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    Welcome. I'm glad primal is working well for you.

    In you run sessions, do you sprint intervals? That would be very good for you. Do you ever do a longer run to prepare for the 5K?
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      Thanks Hedonist.

      Sorry for such a slow reply, grad school just started and I feel like I have been hit by a train. Thankfully, I have been primal for nearly 4 months, so I know enough to better guide me during the stress of grad school and to stay the primal path, instead of running for the comforting Qdoba 10lb burrito bomb!

      I don't sprint at all, in fact, I'm about to go for a run and I planned on kicking the 5k training and try and do more of a primal run. So, I'm returning to the book and plan on making this more of a walking and sprint session.



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        welcome!! I'm going to Philly at the end of September to visit my brother at U Penn! I'm looking forward to exploring the city, any restaurants offering primal fare I should check out? Good luck on the rest of your primal journey!


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          Thanks Primalsun!

          As far as restaurants offering primal fare...there are no restaurants that I know of that actually advertise anything primal or paleo, you have to kinda just look up menus online and find ways to "modify" your meals. There is this place called "Fuel" at 1225 Walnut Street, all there meals are advertised to be 500 cal or less...if you're cal counting or not, and i've been able to find a few things that are relatively primal.

          There's plenty of steak joints in the city, you could ask for veggies with the steak (usually not an issue), and Ted's Montana Grill offers game meats, which is pretty nice! Maybe you can get a sweet potato and some butter with your steak and treat yourself!

          Just be careful of the pizzeria's and cheese steaks! They're everywhere and smell delicious! And taste delicious...i know that from past experience, and from time to time sensible indulgences. Ya know...80-20 right?

          Goodluck with your trip! Any other Philly questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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            Thanks for the info Fooftr, that Fuel place looks interesting. I've never seen a restaurant so concerned with dietary break down of the food. That's pretty cool. Thanks again for the tips!