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  • Newbie from Italy!

    hi everyone! after posting on the Obligatory forum Introduce yourself thread I decided to put on the board this post to introduce myself properly and get a fresh start with the PB lifestyle I decided to join after a long period of thinking and listening to my body's signals.
    That's infact the base case for me. But let me start from the very beginning! I'm a 35 y.o. guy, engineer in my professional life, a simple dude in everything else. About a couple of years ago I realized how much i was out of shape, not only by a simple perspective of appearance but also regarding my health and the way I felt and lived myself and my body. So as my considerations got step by step forward I saw myself weighing 81 kg (that is to say 178.2 pounds!!!!), with a little too much presence of "tits", pear shaped. slouching along the streets when walking. I wasn't something good to see at all.
    Against everyone in my family's advice (I still wonder why, even now, they always told me I was ok) I went to a dietist who gave me a very good nutrition plan, even though following the conventional wisdom and then, as a not so long year passed, I found myself with 11 kg (24.2 pounds) less, much fitter indeed. I started attending Kendo practice ( which I started to love passionately), going hiking, I also got a little surgery to correct a gynecomastia I discovered to be suffering with after having loosing so much weight and not loosing any tits. And again noboby ever botheres to tell me something about it...since I had been a kid...
    As the time passed my metabolism slowly changed, as a consequence of this I began to have problems digesting bread, pasta, cookies, cakes and all other wheat flour based food (that here in Italy is a staple kind of food). Acknowledged this I shifted to different kind of grains other than wheat, such as kamut or spelled. For a quite reasonable period those kind of grains (in a way primitive ones and native of Africa as I was told) gave no problems at all digesting, but recently more changes occurred to me and even them, in usual quantities, statred givimg me bad feeling after any meals, such a awful swollen feeling inside the belly and all around my core and waist, a sense of heaviness in the guts and a bad "watering" sensation in the mouth as though I had eaten many pounds of sugar alone! So little by little I got Interested in this Primal Blueprint, both the nutritional and fitness plans!!!
    So here I am, at the beginning of my second week with no carb based food (even though I admit my few kamut cookies for breakfast are still there because I haven't found a good substitution for them so far. I'm Italian and my smoothies in the morning are a must I'm unable to give up yet)....what I was saying?! Oh,yes. I'm in my second week with no grain based carbs except for those 6 small cookies for breakfast and I'm feeling so well!!!! no swollen feelings, no waterings, no digestive blockage of any sort!! I even checked my level regarding the 5 essential movements of the bobyweight workout...
    Kendo practice + Hiking + Bodyweight workout (on its way of development to reach the gola of a real WoW!!) sould really satisfy the programme Mark describes in his e-book completely. Only thing left apart are the Sprints. Of course in Kendo we do have sprtints and sometimes very challenging but I'll have to figure out some other kind for the periods during which the practice is over.
    Well, I guess I've said enough for being my first real post!

    Cheers everyone

    Are there any other Primal here living in Italy?!



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    Welcome Rosario!

    Sprints are great, but you don't have to start them immediately. Note that they don't have to be running. Biking or swimming are fine too. Or anything that leaves your tongue hanging out.
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