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    I'm going to start tracking my progress in the journal section but realized I should probably introduce myself first.

    I have been lurking and learning so much from this forum community -- you guys rock! I started out back in April of this year with Gary Taubes WWGF book, like so many, and the knowledge that I gleaned from his presentation was truly a defining point for me. I explored Atkins as a way to provide some structure in shifting over to low carbs, because I was such a babe in the woods. But I continued investigating the internet for various resources which eventually led me to Kurt Harris' Archevore and MDA.

    I've lost 17 pounds since April/May and my husband has lost twice that (whilst being a smoker, sedentary, and over 50) -- as many women have noted it kind of sucks that men seem to have a speedier response to this WOE but there it is -- I'm thankful that I am losing weight sustainably anyway.

    I have 20 more pounds that I'd like to lose, hopefully by Christmas. So, you'll be seeing me more in the journal forum, as I track progress.