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  • Here we go!!!

    New forum member. I've been on the HCG forum for I'm looking for something a bit more.....I'm 5 pounds of fat from goal....going back and forth trying to decide if I'm Leptin resistant...any thoughts?

    Specifically, do I need to do the Leptin Reset from Dr. Kruse? Can I just keep doing pure Paleo eating?? It's all so overwhelming sometimes...
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    Leptin is over my head but welcome.
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      I wonder if I am overdoing it by trying for a Leptin Reset. I'm in a healthy weight range and am finally in great health. I wouldn't mind being able to overdo it one day and not gain 10 pounds from it.


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        Will losing 5 pounds put you at your ideal weight or is your goal a kind of "good enough" thing? If it's the former, all you probably need to do is follow the PB with some intermittent fasting.
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          I found that after doing HCG my weight was very unstable, which is quite distressing. After my last round of phase 2, I made my phase 3 primal and have been doing that ever since (14months+). I slowly lost about 5 more pounds doing that, but more importantly, my weight is now very stable. I think it would be a mistake to do anything drastic. Just be patient, eat very clean (NO grains or sugar), limit your carbs to <100g. If you want to go below 50g on carbs, keep a careful journal, taking note of your energy levels, sleep habits, mood, etc. Everyone is different, and for some people going too low on carbs can really backfire. After a few months of clean primal living, your weight should be more stable, and then perhaps you can try IFing if you want to.

          The leptin reset thing... I didn't find it necessary. I feel that primal living reset my leptin response to a healthy level. YMMV of course...
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            I know little about Leptin Reset,but I know Balanced diet and proper exercise are good!


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              There is a very long thread that details the leptin reset here on MDA. I spent several evenings getting through the whole thing, but the information there is invaluable. Helped me to know what to expect. If you are IR you might be LR and it could help. Reading the thread may help you decide if that is the path you want to take. Great place to get questions answered too.
              Good Luck!!


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                Thanks for the help everyone! WineLady, yep, I've read nearly the whole Leptin Reset thread. Can you blame a girl for skimming?? I think I will continue down the path of Leptin reset eating. If it impacts me negatively then I'll change it up a bit and add more carbs. I actually love this way of eating. I like having a big breakfast to tide me over most of the day. I like being able to eat more volume and still lose weight. The fact that I'm losing already leads me to believe I've beat the Leptin problem (I've been doing this off and on for about a month).

                Grumpy, losing 5 pounds of fat will make me look good naked.

                bokbadok, what do you mean by low carb can backfire for some people..?

                Down another .6 today...that's 3.4 pounds in 3 days.