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Hi! Day two.

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  • Hi! Day two.

    Hi everyone,

    I ( and the husband jumped on board when I told him we could cook with bacon fat and I reeled him in with a pot roast) started two days ago. My husband decided to wait until today to start because he wanted to have a lot of ice cream and beer yesterday (ha!). I was (am) a huge sugar addict. In fact, I rarely ate protein because I was just too lazy to cook. I would just munch all day on candy and other carbs. I do work out quite a bit. I have never been overweight, so I am not trying to lose weight by following this lifestyle (I am actually underweight. 5'3", 93 pounds despite eating a whole lot of carbs). I just want to get healthier because I do feel sluggish and blah and cranky. I also have bad anxiety, which I know is probably isn't helped by the rise and fall of my BS all day long and then me throwing back a whole lot of candy to get through the day.

    Day two is ok, although I would probably kill for a Sour Patch kKd at this time. Anyway, nice to meet everyone and I have already learned so much lurking on MDA and on the forum for a few days.

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    Welcome Gritty. The sugar craving will pass in a few days if you don't cheat.
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      Welcome to the community. If the first few days are tough, hang in there. It will be well worth it.
      Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.


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        HI Gritty! Funny, this is also the first diet my husband has ever been on board with.