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  • Excited To Be Here!

    Hi everyone,
    My name is John and I have been eating primally now for about 20 days, with a few hiccups in there... I had a rehearsal dinner and wedding last week! Anyway, a little about me: I'm almost 37 years old and have been a police officer for almost 12 years. I have been plagued for the past 6 years or so with extremely high triglycerides and have been placed on meds for it. My goal is to lose weight (I weighed 208 about a month ago but hopefully Im down, I dont have a scale) and to bring my numbers down without drugs. Thanks to Mark's book I understand the horrors of grains and am terrified to eat them, let alone have cravings for them! I wanted to introduce myself but also ask a fitness related question.. My thighs are quite large from years of heavy squats and lots of running. If I wanted to lose mass on my legs would I benefit from dropping strength exercises for legs and just concentrate on long hikes? I follow Mark's Primal Blue Print Fitness as best I can, strength training three times per week. Any advice concerning shrinking my legs would be appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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    Hi John, I don't know the answer to your question, but welcome to the site!


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      Welcome John. You might repost the question on the primal fitness or primal for athletes forums. I can't tell you anything specific about your legs.

      80% of primal fitness is nutrition. The goal of exercise is to do as little of it as you can so you have time to play. Intense sprints twice a week. Short, intense resistance once a week. Stay active. Some long hikes are fine if you rest in between. Otherwise, any specific exercise that helps you in your job.
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