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Desperate Housewives is very interesting show

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  • Desperate Housewives is very interesting show

    In season 6 of cheap Desperate Housewives season 6 dvd to do the show back to basics, which made fans love DH: the friendships. The friendships of Lynette, Susan, Bree and Gabrielle, as well as each individual character, have been proven time and again and endured. It is this quality of enduring friendship among women, which makes this show so good.

    Season 3 dealt with separately for each woman, barely interacting with other friends and we have lost what makes the show worthwhile, their interactions Cheap Desperate Housewives season 6 dvd takes another route and shows the women provide each other with a strong support system. Lynette is based on family and friends go through cancer, Bree deals with the simulation of a pregnancy, Susan must deal with her marriage to Mike and Gabrielle must decide between Carlos and Victor.

    We also see the introduction of another character, Katherine Mayfair (and of course its many secrets that need to be a character of their own). It was such a great character that I immediately liked her, secrets and all. Katherine was a former resident of Wisteria Lane and a friend of Susan. She has a wealth of secrets and a way to compete and our ladies of Wisteria Lane.

    Tornadoes, blackmail (tons of blackmail), ex-husbands, drugs, maniacs, and tons of humor. This is one of the best seasons of Desperate Housewives season 6 dvd on sale today.