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  • Confessions of a Fruit Addict

    2 weeks ago: How can I NOT be losing weight?!? No, back up: how can I be GAINING weight?!?! I don't understand, I'm doing everything right: eating whole foods, avoiding wheat (I'm gluten-intolerant, but don't worry I'm getting plenty of "healthy" grains like rice cakes and my daily tub of oatmeal), and eating plenty of veggies...well, some veggies... and tons (literally) of fruit! This doesn't make sense!

    Maybe if I look at what I eat each day....

    Breakfast. 9am: Oatmeal! ALL THE OATMEAL, because I wake up starving. A huge bowl of oat-y goodness, with a whole 2 spoonfuls of fat-free greek-yogurt on top (for the protein), and a cup and a half of blueberries mixed in. It was going to be a handful, but I ate half waiting for the oatmeal to cook (it was a terribly long 2 minutes) so I might as well add the rest.

    3 hours later: So. Unbelievably. Hungry. I hate everything. Stupid sun. Stupid people. Food. Must find food. NO! I'm going stay strong! Oh my god I'm dying. I'm going to starve to death. Wait! Fruit's healthy, I'll just have some fruit. Yum, that grapefruit was good. Oh look, an apple. Well, it was a small apple... that second apple was small too, so really it was just like one big apple. So a grapefuit and a big apple. That's barely a snack...I better add a plum.

    Lunch. 3pm: Okay, I'll have my delicious Orgain Meal Replacement shake--which is quite healthy, all organic, with 16 grams of protein (and 32g of carbs, but why count those?). But I sort of want something to chew...well, another plum or two can't hurt.

    4pm: Still hungry though. I haven't had many grains today, that must be it; I'll make myself 2 hummus-slathered rice cakes. Now I feel full and virtuous.

    5pm: Go to the gym. Jog for 45 minutes, feeling like I'm going to die for the last, well, 43 minutes. Leave exhausted and starving.

    Dinner, 7pm: 7pm is a totally reasonable time for dinner, which is great because if I don't eat soon I am going to cut a b*tch. I've been good today, so I'll reward myself with a small piece of salmon (done on my George Foreman Grill, no pesky fats!) and roasted asparagus with one teaspoon of Olive Oil. Look at my roommate, munching away on her ravioli-- I'm so much healthier than her. In fact, I'm so healthy I can have some of those cherries I bought today. I'll just have a few handfuls.

    7:25: Where did the cherries go?! Did..did I finish them? That was 3 pounds of cherries. Well, it's fruit, so it can't be too bad for me.

    10pm Stop. Being. Hungry. Stop it body! You're an idiot, and I hate you. Fine, I'll have another Orgain Shake--oh yes, delicious chocolate goodness, come to Mommy. Okay, I better go to sleep before I get hungry again.

    Wake and repeat.


    So that was me before I started following PB. Totally convinced that I was super-healthy because I ate 90% organic and avoided HFC, wheat, and red-meat. Was I healthier than people who eat SAD? Maybe. Was I 5'6" and a 142 pounds, with more than my share of belly fat? Definitely. Did I have the muscle-tone of a coma patient? No--the coma patient probably out-buffed me.

    Following PB has blown my mind. I'm keeping my (mostly veggie) carbs under 80, getting between 75 and 100g of protein, and I'm not starving anymore. I can go 1/2 a day before I'm hungry! That's 3x as long as before, and when I do get hungry I don't get "I will punch you in the face if I don't get a fruit-cup RIGHT THE F NOW" hungry. I'm pretty happy about that, but the people around me are ecstatic. I've lost 4lbs and 2.5 inches of my waist. I get to eat good food all the time! Flounder in white-wine butter sauce, lamb with blackberry reduction, apple slices and almond butter, scrambled eggs and bacon. Bacon! Bacon is a food that I can eat now; do you understand how crazily wonderful that sentence is to type? Of course you do, fellow PBers.

    If I feel this amazing 2 weeks in, I can't wait to see 2 months...and 2 years...and so on

    By the way, I DID have fruit this morning: 1 small handful of blackberries, with my ham & mushroom omelette & side of bacon. Then I put the rest of the carton away, easily.[/U]

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    Welcome! I ate tons of fruit pre-primal too. It's healthy, right, so you can eat as much as you want! Groan. I'm also loving the calm hunger I experience now, rather than the "I'm going to gnaw my arm off" hunger from before.
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      Oh my gosh, this was too funny! I can relate more than I like to admit. Fruit has definitely been my biggest struggle lately. It's sweet (and I really, really like sweet), it's always readily available in our household, and it's healthy...right? I do great with fruit as long as I keep my overall carbs relatively low (about 100 grams or less). If I limit myself to 2 servings or so of fruit throughout the day I feel great and cravings stay under control. Unfortunately though, it's very easy for me to get over the tipping point and fall into a craving cycle again, which is where I am at the moment. I know that if I just force myself to stay away from the fruit for a few days I'll be able to break the cycle, but I know it'll involve a couple of difficult, cranky days and I haven't had the motivation.
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        Great first post! Welcome

        I have fruit every day but usually try to limit it to a cup of frozen berries and some apple slices with almond butter. Today I skipped the apple and had two servings of berries. It may stall my weight loss a little, but it doesn't cause gains. Yet.
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          Nice! Well done.


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            Thanks for the warm welcome I'm glad I'm not the only fruit-head (fruiddict?) around!

            Anave, I know EXACTLY what you mean by the tipping point--especially because my portion sizes were so distorted, it's so ridiculously easy for me to forget that fruit is good sugar but still sugar. It's really helped me to re-categorize fruit from "snack" to "dessert" (which is something I'm accustomed to limiting, and always comes after a fatty, protein rich meal so I can be satisfied with just bit of berries and cream.) My other go-to "trick" is the scale- not for me, for my food. Like I said, my portions were WAY off, so it's good to see what 2 ounces really looks like--I know eventually I'll be able to eyeball it, but I think first I need to retrain my eye

            Someone posted on a thread (not sure who or which one, because I've read a lot-- my post could have been alternatively been titles "Confessions of a Forum Lurker. Sorry for the lack of accreditation! ) "Need sweet, feed fat" which has become my mantra when I get sugar cravings. Lol, that might be why I'm on such a bacon-kick right now...


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              Fructose, the sugar found in fruit, is actually not good sugar, it's possibly one of the worst. Have you read Sweet Poison? Great book on the topic. It's said that our body can't handle more fructose than what 2 small apples can provide in a day. So tell yourself that too.


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                Haha this was super funny to me to read. I ate like this two years ago, and I can't believe I never realized I just didn't eat enough fat. I just started, but if you're feeling great 2 weeks in, I can't wait for next week to roll around
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                  No, I haven't read SP but it's going to the top of my list-- replacing that extra serving of fruit with reading material would definitely be a positive change (although obviously not consuming the latter like the former; wood pulp is probably a carb anyway!)


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                    My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a fruit addict.

                    Hilarious post, totally how I felt back when I was dieting the CW way. I still eat a lot of fruit actually.....
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