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    Hi, I am new to PB and haven't read everything yet. Was wondering if legumes are allowed. I have been eating gluten free and low-carb and found this bread at Julian Bakery called "Purity Bread". It is made with flax and almond flour, but also has garbanzo beans, navy beans for moistness. Is that a good thing or not?

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    as a general rule no beans of any type are really paleo/primal
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      Originally posted by Wally_B_Sr View Post
      as a general rule no beans of any type are really paleo/primal
      This is true. When transitioning to primal, I think it is best to avoid the gluten-free/low carb substitutes (breads, baked goods, etc.). It is better to focus on quality meats, veggies, and fats!
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        Thank you for the information. Guess I will start true primal after I finish this bread. Way too expensive to throw away.


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          Welcome. I hope primal goes really well for you.

          What are your stats and goals? Are you trying to lose weight (fat) or accomplish something else?

          I eat a few beans. They are marginal to primal. But not evil. For sure don't throw out that bread.
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            Legumes are "not allowed" but they are one of the fringe foods - the really truly "not allowed" foods are industrial oil, gluten grains, and sugar. The rest is not, really, all that huge a deal for most. I'll eat some beans once in a while.
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